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Bangor Area Breakfast Rotary Club
July 25, 2013
Pumping savings
ancy Chandler of the Maine Public Service Company traveled from The
County to Bangor Thursday to extol the virtues, values and economics of the
heat pump. As an enthusiastic user of a heat pump in her home, she
described her fuel savings, explained why you need a furnace backup, and
described how a heat pump works.
“Heat pumps use refrigerant to
absorb heat from the ambient air,” she
said. “Heat pumps provide a long-term
solution to higher heating costs. They
also reduce allergens, germs and
bacteria.” Heat pumps also reduce
carbon footprints.
Regarding electricity consumption,
a heat pump runs constantly as it
monitors the temperature of rooms and
directing heat to the cooler spaces. The
start/stop cycle of a furnace consumes
more electricity.
Ms. Chandler explained the federal
tax credit and the heat pump pilot
program. In the relatively short time that she has had a heat pump in her home, Ms.
Chandler said that she experienced $2,400 in savings.
Welcome back, and a temporary farewell
Durell Buzzini returned to the Breakfast Rotary fold after a long sabbatical. And we
wished Jeff Plourde a safe journey as he enters military deployment. Jodi Steele gave an
appreciation dollar for Jeff’s service to the club.
Nat Bond gave a “muggy” weather outlook. Tony Liberatore presented an
enlightening synopsis of the latest stem cell research. Stem cells are any cells that have
the ability to grow into something else. New techniques include harvesting wisdom teeth
stem cells. Tony gave Happy Dollars for his new-to-him house (with a swimming pool),
vacation time and a new-to-him-and-his-wife baby on the way.
Wayne Woodford gave thanks to John Cheney who served as auctioneer for a
Philips Strickland House fundraiser and he noted John’s great sense of humor. Jay Muth
gave a Happy$ for his son’s acceptance into what we assume is his college of choice. Jay
also announced a meeting of the committee for the Veterans Day Pancake Breakfast. If
you’re interesting in helping flip griddle cakes or helping in other ways, the committee
will meet next Thursday, August 1 at the Sea Dog at 5 pm.
Les Myers- July 25, 2013
Nancy Chandler, Ken Huhn
Rangeley Hall front yard
Seal Harbor, July 2013