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AcademyStudio Policies and Parent
Welcome to Dance Unlimited! It is our sincere desire to provide our
students with the most modern facility, outstanding Instructors and
challenging dance programs, all within a professional environment. Our
dedicated teachers have a genuine desire to encourage students of all
ages to develop the discipline and skills that will lead to a healthier
and happier future. This can be achieved through the power of Dance!
The staff of Dance Unlimited would like to ensure the safest and most
positive dance experience for your child. Please read through the
following policies carefully and thoroughly before initialing and
signing. Thank you.
dance academy is located on the upper level of the Oceanside Marketplace Park. We have a front entrance
elevator and a stairwell on the West side of our building for your convenience. ONLY students over the
age of 10 yrs. are able to ride in the elevator by themselves; students under the age of 10 MUST be
accompanied by an adult – NO EXCEPTIONS! To ensure our student’s safety, this will be strictly
enforced at all times. The elevator is shut off during non-business hours. If there is ever a technical issue
with the operation of the elevator, please use the stairwell.
IMPORTANT: Between the hours of 3:00pm-6:00pm, for older students being dropped off, please
use the underground parking structure. Students are able to take the elevator straight up to the studio
(level 2.) Also, the city has granted our studio a special “Drop-Off” Zone at the back of our building,
intended for children over the age of 10. This Drop-Off Zone can only be entered from the West-end
driveway entrance. Upon entering the driveway, instead of going left into the park, please continue straight
along the back of our building and pull into the Drop-Off area directly behind the studio. After exiting the
car, we ask that students please use the stairwell directly in front of them. Parents, please continue to drive
forward; you may exit onto Oceanside Blvd. out of our East-end driveway or turn left at the end of our
building to access the West-end driveway. For parents wishing to accompany their dancer into the studio
and wait for them during their class(es), please use the UNDERGROUND PARKING STRUCTURE which
has been designated by the city especially for our studio families. Due to our conditional use permit, the
size of our business and to respect our fellow business neighbors, we are not allowed to park in the upper
parking lot between the hours of 3:00-6:00pm. After 6:00pm however, you may pick up your older child in
the front of the studio, where it is well lit. We ask that parents please go over these policies with your
children. We appreciate your support and cooperation, as these policies are implemented to ensure all of
our student’s safety. _______ (Intl)
*E-MAIL COMMUNICATION: In an ongoing effort to go “green”, reduce our carbon footprint & be
environmentally friendly, the main form of communication between the studio and our families is through
e-mail. Please provide your current e-mail address on the last page. We ask that you PLEASE check your email on a regular basis to keep informed on updated studio information. Please do not forget to update
your paperwork with our office if you change e-mail or mailing addresses at any time. ______ (Intl)
*PARENT’S RESPONSIBILITY: It is the responsibility of Dance Unlimited to notify all students of any
schedule change. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to notify Dance Unlimited of any illness,
vacation, financial problems, change in schedule or any other factors interfering with the established and
hereby agreed upon Dance Unlimited policies. Important Note: Each student must be covered by their
family’s insurance policy. If an injury occurs, it is understood that the student’s own policy is your only
source of coverage/reimbursement. ______ (Intl)
*TUITION: Tuition is paid on a monthly basis, due on the 1st of the month and delinquent after the 5th.
A $20.00 late fee will be automatically assessed for tuition received in our office after the 5th. All tuition is
based on four weeks per month; therefore, there will be no extra charge for the “fifth week” lessons as these
“free” lessons are used to offset the days when the studio is closed (see below.) If paying by check, there is a
tuition box conveniently located to the right of our reception desk where checks can be dropped in. After
the 5th of the month, this tuition box is sealed. It is the parent’s responsibility to mail or bring payments into
the office. For your convenience, we accept Discover, Visa and Mastercard. We do not accept American
Express. Automatic bill-pay and monthly credit card deductions can also be set up by our office manager
for your account. A form must be filled out in the office to set up this procedure. PLEASE NOTE:
Automatic credit card deductions will ONLY be debited between the 1st and 5th of each month. Due to the
large amount of students enrolled in our program, we are not able to take “special request dates” for
automatic deductions – no exceptions. If tuition is not paid by the 10th of the month, students will not be
allowed to participate in class until all fees (including late fees) are current.
Dance Unlimited sends an automatic, e-mail courtesy reminder invoice on the 1st of every month. To
participate in any studio function, students must not have any past due tuition. This includes our annual
recital, local performances and seasonal dance competitions. Automatic Credit Card payments that are
denied will be charged a $20.00 late fee. Any check returned to the studio for insufficient funds will be
charged a $25.00 service fee – no exceptions. ______ (Intl)
*REGISTRATION: An annual registration fee of $30.00 per student is due every September 1st. New
students registering after July 1st will have their registration pro-rated in September. Parents are responsible
for notifying the office of any change of information (address etc.) Registration payments are nonrefundable. ______ (Intl)
*PRE-SCHEDULED HOLIDAYS & TUITION: Dance Unlimited’s pre-scheduled holidays are Easter
Weekend, Memorial Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Break, the week following our annual
recital, Christmas/New Year’s Day Break and one week Summer Break. The studio will be in session all other
days of the year, including all of the President’s holidays. Tuition is not pro-rated for holidays or summer
break. If a class needs to be cancelled for any reason, you will be notified by our office. IMPORTANT: As
stated above, tuition is based on four weeks per month; therefore, there will be no extra charge for the
“fifth week” lessons as these “free” lessons are used to offset the days when the studio is closed.
______ (Intl)
*CLASSES/DANCE DISCIPLINES: Dance Unlimited is proud to offer a wide variety of classes,
including, but not limited to, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Turns & Leaps/Technique, HipHop, *Tahitian, *Zumba, *Pilates & Yoga. Students are placed in classes according to their technical
abilities, not necessarily their age!! All student placement is based on Instructor/Director approval. Class
size is generally limited to between 9-12 students, although some classes are smaller and some larger.
*Please Note: Tahitian and adult classes are charged a different rate than the D.U. student tuition rate. See
office for details. ______ (Intl)
*ADDING/DROPPING CLASSES: We kindly ask that you please notify the office immediately if your
child will be adding or dropping a class by filling out a yellow “add/drop” form, found in the office. If you
choose to drop your child from the program, we must have WRITTEN CONFIRMATION two weeks
prior; if written notice is not given two weeks prior, tuition will be charged in full. ______ (Intl)
*ABSENCES: There are no refunds or adjustments made for missed classes. Tuition is based on
enrollment, not attendance. As a courtesy, make-up lessons are available to students for two full months
following the month in which the classes were missed, as long as tuition is paid for the current month.
Please have student check in with the office before their make-up class so the Instructor is aware it is a
make-up class. Make-up periods may be extended for unusual circumstances. We ask that parents please
notify the office if your child will be missing class so we can inform their Instructor. ______ (Intl)
*STUDENT & PARENT CODE OF CONDUCT: Students are expected to act respectfully to their
Instructors, D.U. Staff and their fellow students at all times while on studio premises. At no time during
class are students allowed to physically touch another student unless expressly instructed by their Teacher
(partner work.) At no time are students allowed to touch or go through another student’s belongings. No
foul language is allowed at any time. Cell phones are NOT allowed to be used inside the studio classroom.
No alcohol or weapons of any kind, (including pocket-knives,) are allowed on our premises. Lack of
respect, by students or parents, in or out of the classroom will not be tolerated. Students who disrupt class
will be asked to sit out of class or report to the office, at which time a parent will be notified. Students
caught stealing or students & parents not adhering to Dance Unlimited’s code of conduct policy will be
dismissed from our program at the discretion of the Director. To respect everyone’s privacy, parents who
need to speak to the Director or office staff regarding a personal issue, are asked to please come inside our
office to converse. Thank you. ______ (Intl)
*CLASS ROTATION: Dance Unlimited is proud to feature 6 professional dance studios with two large
viewing windows into studios 1 and 3. Our teachers rotate on a weekly basis, making it possible for
parents to watch their children’s classes generally once a month. For liability purposes, ONLY registered
students and Instructors are allowed inside the classrooms while class is in session. Parents are not
allowed to walk back in the hallways or view classes while they are in session in the other 4 studios.
This policy is strictly enforced! If you need to speak with your child, please come to our office counter and
see one of our office managers. Not only is it distracting to the students and Instructors to have a parent
inside the studio (especially for the younger ages,) but to maintain the professional integrity of our studio, it
is against our insurance policy to have any unregistered adults or siblings roaming the hallways while
classes are in session. ______ (Intl)
*TARDINESS: Students who are more than 10 minutes late for class will only be allowed in at the
discretion of the Instructor. Students who are tardy on a chronic basis may be changed to another class that
is at a more convenient time. ______ (Intl)
*SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS: Qualified substitute teachers are used when Dance Unlimited Instructors
are ill, on vacation or have other professional commitments. Substitute Teachers’ consist mainly of Dance
Unlimited Instructors, although “outside” Instructors from other professional studios may be called if
necessary. Please note that parents and students are NOT notified in advance that a substitute teacher will
be instructing a class. Students are expected to come to class on a consistent basis even though their
instructor is not present. Assistant teacher’s are occasionally utilized to teach classes, but they are always
older students who have trained at Dance Unlimited for many years and who are proficient at handling
large classes by themselves. ______ (Intl)
*CLASS CANCELLATION: It is Dance Unlimited’s policy that in the event only 2-3 students show up
for a class, the instructor may choose to teach a semi-private 30 minute class, or combine that class with
another one taking place at the same time which is of the same or similar dance discipline. If only 1 student
shows up, the class will be cancelled. Tuition is only pro-rated if a class needs to be cancelled. ______ (Intl)
*DRESS CODE: For *hour long Ballet Classes: Age 7 & under: For girls - Pink leotard, pink tights, pink
ballet shoes. For ages 8 & up: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. ALL HAIR MUST BE IN A BUN
AND TIGHTLY SECURED AWAY FROM THE FACE. For boys – White tank and black shorts and white or
black ballet shoes. Short chiffon ballet skirts are optional. For Jazz, Lyrical and Tap Classes: Leotard and
tights or bike shorts with hair secured away from the face. Proper dance shoes are required. Absolutely no
jewelry or chewing gum is allowed. For Hip-Hop Classes: A t-shirt and shorts or baggy pants. No jeans or
jean skirts are allowed. Tennis shoes are allowed for hip-hop only. Girls are expected to dress age
appropriate. NO GUM CHEWING ALLOWED DURING CLASS! *Combo classes up to age 6 do not
require strict ballet attire. Students may wear any colored leotard & short skirt. ____ (Intl)
*DANCE UNLIMITED DOES NOT PROVIDE CHILDCARE! It is the responsibility of each parent
to pick up their child immediately following their class. Parents must supervise younger siblings at all times
while in the viewing area. Absolutely no loud or disruptive behavior will be tolerated! Children are not
allowed to run or play inside or outside the studio for obvious safety reasons. Under no circumstances are
parents allowed to leave a sibling under the age of 10 alone at the studio while another sibling is taking
class. PARENTAL SUPERVISION: Parents are expected to supervise their younger children at ALL time
while on the studio premises. For parents whose children are under 7 years of age or under and are enrolled
in a combo class, we encourage you to stay in our lobby to help with changing their shoes and potty breaks
during class. If you, as a parent of a younger child, need to leave the studio for any reason, please inform
your Instructor AND office manager beforehand. ______ (Intl)
HOMEWORK/STUDENT ROOM: Only students 10 years of age or older are allowed to utilize the
studio homework/student room. This room is provided for older students who have a break in between
their classes. Children are expected to adhere to all of the studio “code of conduct” rules at ALL times!
Students disrespecting these rules will not have the liberty of using the homework room. Absolutely no
“rough housing” will be tolerated at any time. We have provided a quiet area for students to do their
homework. PLEASE NOTE: As a convenience, we offer cubicles for students to put their dance
bags/belongings in while they are taking class, but Dance Unlimited is not responsible for any lost or stolen
items. Expensive items such as cell phones should NOT be left unattended. ______ (Intl)
*USE OF PHOTOGRAPHY: It is understood that Dance Unlimited reserves the right to use any
photography and/or videotaping of student’s performances for purposes of advertising, publicizing and
promoting of the studio. All ownership (including copyright) as well as all other rights, title and interest in
and to these photography/videotaping shall belong exclusively to Dance Unlimited. ______ (Intl)
*ANNUAL DANCE REVUE: Each year Dance Unlimited presents a Professional Recital (historically in
June or July) which enables our students to showcase their skills and perform dance routines they have
practiced over the past year. This Dance Revue is held in a professional Performing Arts Theatre and
requires students to purchase a costume for each class in which he/she is enrolled. For students to
participate in our professional dance revue, a non-refundable recital fee and costume deposit of $100.00
($50.00 recital fee plus $ 50.00 costume deposit per student, per class) is due into our office by December 1st.
This fee will allow us to place an order for your child’s recital costume and will include a beautiful 75 page,
commemorative keepsake recital yearbook. Notification of any costume balance due will be handed out in
memo form, approx. 2 months after ordering. Please know that participation in the Dance Recital is
entirely optional, but we ask that each parent please notify their child’s instructor & the office as soon as
possible if their child will not be participating in the show. Recital tickets will be sold in advance, on a
first come first served basis. approx. two months prior to the show. Parents may choose to participate in the
Studio’s winter See’s Candy Fundraiser to help off-set recital fees and costume expenses. ______ (Intl)
Please read carefully before signing
I am aware and fully understand that there are risks and dangers associated with participation in
dance classes and different dance movements of the varied dance disciplines. These movements and activities
could result in bodily injury, partial or total disability or death. The social and economic losses/or damages
which could result from these risks and dangers could be severe. I acknowledge that it is standard teaching
protocol that students may be physically touched by a D.U. Instructor during his/her instruction and I will
not hold Dance Unlimited/North Coast Dance Inc. liable for such physical touching. I understand that these
risks and dangers may be caused by the negligence of the participant or the negligence of others. There may
be risks not known to us or not foreseeable at this time.
I accept and assume all such risks and responsibilities for the lessees and/or damages following such
injury and/or disability however caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of
Dance Unlimited, its instructors, independent contractors, hosts, other participants/students, sponsors,
advertisers, owners, officers and lessees of the premises used to conduct the event or activity and each of
them, their officers, directors, agents and employees. I agree that this consent and assumption of risk
statement covers each and every event or activity sponsored by Dance Unlimited/North Coast Dance.
Consent for Emergency Treatment: In cases of emergency, Dance Unlimited is authorized to
arrange for medical services for the student and I consent to appropriate medical and surgical service
recommended by licensed medical professionals. I accept full responsibility for all costs of said medical care
and any emergency treatments. Dance Unlimited will not be responsible for the cost of any medical care or
emergency treatments. I hereby waive all claims whatsoever in connection with such medical treatments. I
agree that Dance Unlimited will not be held liable for and agree to hold Dance Unlimited harmless from any
and all liabilities, losses, damages or expenses related to the student’s participation in any activities at Dance
I ______________________________________________ (Parent’s Name), hereby represent to Dance
Unlimited/North Coast Dance Inc. that my child _______________________________________ is of sound
health and has no history of a medical or physical condition which could in any shape, manner or form place
my child at risk because of said condition. I acknowledge that I have been informed by Dance
Unlimited/North Coast Dance Inc. of the nature of the instruction my child will receive and that such
instruction involves physical exercise, exertion and stress, which could result in injury and /or disability.
Name of Student: _________________________________________ Date: __________
Printed Name of Parent/Guardian: ________________________________________
Signature of Parent: _____________________________________ _________
Cell #: __________________________ Home Ph #: ___________________________
E-mail Address: ___________________________________________________
Any medical conditions or allergies we should be aware of?
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