Detroit, July 2011

Working Group on Smart Distribution
Detroit, MI, USA
Date and Time: Monday July 25 from 3PM to 6 PM
Introduction of the members
Minutes of the meeting held during the 2011 PES January Joint Meeting (Atlanta)
SDWG Group businesses
o Panel Sessions for IEEE / PES 2011 General Meeting, Detroit, Michigan, July 24-28,
 Smart Distribution Grid Applications and Components; Existing
applications and grid components are providing foundational telemetry and new
applications and components are being developed to enhance the Smart
Distribution Grid telemetry requirements. Panellists include Heather L. Storey
(Detroit Edison), Erich Gunther (Enernex), Brian Seal (EPRI), and Nokhum
Markushevich (Smart Grid Operations Consulting) Chair: GLClark, July 27
from 10 to 12 AM
Smart Distribution Demonstration Projects: Several SmartGrid
demonstration projects are implemented with different goals. This session will
update and reports applications and results from these Smart Distribution.
Planned participants are First Energy, EDF, ESB, EPRI. Projects. Chair:
Georges Simard July 27 from 8 to 10 AM
Integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER): For the purpose of this
panel DER includes Demand Response, Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage, and
Distributed Generation. The objective of the panel is to share recent experiences
in planning, integrating and managing DER into Distribution Systems, and their
potential challenges, impacts on system reliability and customer satisfaction.
The panel will include speakers from various sections of our industry. Chair:
Avnaesh Jayantilal July 27 from 13 to 15 AM
IEEE GM 2011 Smart Grid Supersession: Smart Grid - Analytics &
Integration: In this Supersession, the analytics that empower smart grid
applications will be discussed; and the practical implementation and integration
challenges will be presented. As part of this supersession, Bob Uluski of EPRI
will present a paper on “Smart Distribution Applications & Their Integration In
A Smart Grid Environment”.( Thursday, July 28, 2011 08:00-17:00)
Smart Distribution Tutorial will be given on Thursday, July 28
o Panel Sessions for IEEE / PES 2012 General Meeting, San Diego, California, July 2226, 2012:
 Proposed Session Title: Smart Initiatives produce Smart Innovations
Proposed Panel description: Smart Distribution Grid initiatives throughout the
industry are producing Smart Grid Innovations. Projects are leveraging existing
applications and developing new applications to achieve Smart Distribution Grid
goals and objectives. These smart initiatives are modernizing the distribution grid
and producing smart innovations to increase the utilization of the distribution assets
and strengthen the distribution grid for future load growth. Session Moderator:
Other panel sessions proposals by members ?
o Panel sessions for 2012 IEEE/PES Transmission & Distribution Conference And
Exposition (T&D), Orlando, Florida, May 7 May 10 2012
 Panel sessions proposals by members ?
o Smart Distribution Documents
 Smart Distribution WIKI web facility - live demonstration of the WIKI
(pending Internet availability)
 EPRI/IEEE Guide on SD
 PAR for the SDWG to produce a SDWG Guide
o DA Doug Staszesky Award (by Larry Clark)
SD related conferences to come
SD trends and projects
Presentation: Work of CIGRE WG_C6.22-Microgrid_Evolution_Roadmap (Chair Chris Marnay)
Open discussion on technical issues to propose as panel discussions for 2012 and more
Other SD related interests with the permission of the chair
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