Kind Donation in Memory of a Mother

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Date: January 6, 2009
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A Kind Donation in Memory of a Mother
A thoughtful donation was recently made to the TN Career Center in Linden by Joe Wooley in memory
of his mother Imogene Buckcherry of Memphis. Several of Ms. Buckcherry’s business suits, dresses,
shoes, purses, etc. were donated so that they could be used by those in need for job interviews. The
items will be available at “The Rock Center”, a non-profit shelter on Main Street in Lobelville. This group
of items will be FREE to those in need, however, one must call ahead to view them. Contact Pastor Judy
Arnold or Denise Jones at 931-593-3398 Monday-Saturday 8-4:30pm at “The Rock Center”.
Photo caption: Janet Carroll of the TN Career Center-Linden and Pastor Judy Arnold, proudly display a
couple articles of clothing donated by Joe Wooley in memory of his mother Imogene Buckcherry.
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