Weekly Planning May 19th

Weekly Planning May 19th
I.T suite making a simple graph of the litter we have collected
so far.
Children remaining completing worksheets to record how they
feel about the litter in the school and what they would likr to do
about it.
10:40 maths assessment sheets N29 N30
Further practise with adding three numbers
Throwing a dice three times and developing mental skills in
making rapid calculations.
1:00 Tricky words
Litter walk and weigh
Litter worksheets
Can you catch a mermaid Challenges
Story time –seaside theme
Tuesday 20th May
Sophie Lewis teaching all morning
Fair trade course afternoon
1:00 tricky words
Litter worksheets
Seaside challenges
Story time
Wednesday 21st
Literacy poems about what we can find on the beach
Children to orally say what they can see on the beach On the
beach I saw … each child to add an item and try to remember
everybody’s ideas. Each child can then build on this by
describing each item say what it is doing and how by including
an adjective a verb and an adverb.
Children to work in pairs to make a poem between them.
10:40 Maths N31 Sophie
1:00 Science Sophie teaching Plants and animals
1:40 Mermaid challenges
2:40 story time
Thursday 22nd
9:30 maths N31 Sophie
10:40 Spellings tricky words
Jolly phonics - spellings al words.
1:00 Library session
Friday 23rd May
Assembly Kerbcraft awards and goody bags (walk to school
Sophie teaching jolly phonics
Vicky Price Boxall profile
10:40 Maths N32 Doubling Addition
Warm up Bingo numbers to twenty
White board lesson
Sue and Adrienne activities
1:00 new tricky words
Gymnastics star shape roll and balance developing a sequence
of movements using the apparatus.
Mermaid challenges
Story time