Architectural Services: Standard Scope of Work

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D23. Revised 3/08
Architectural Services: Standard Scope of Work
Services provided would include complete architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical,
plumbing, and civil design services. In addition the following services will be included.
I. Programming Phase
Create a comprehensive Site Plan in accordance with the Unified Development Code
(UDC), site utilities, facilities and drainage planning.
Create a Program of Spaces for building interior, including: basic information such as
sizes, space requirements, workflows, activities and special uses.
Facilitate meetings with City staff as needed to develop basic components and traffic
planning of building program, including City’s standard building systems, equipment
and materials.
Obtain a Geotechnical Report which recommends building foundations and paving
design. Review, report and alert City of any issues found. Coordinate structural and
civil engineer as related to the design.
Obtain Boundary and Topographical Survey for the property. Review, survey and
alert City to any issues found. Coordinate with civil engineer for design.
Conduct Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) (if required), review TIA report and alert the
City of any issues found. Coordinate with civil engineer as related to the design.
Attend coordination meetings with City staff and any pertinent external agencies
(County, State and Federal) as required to determine and gain approvals from all
pertinent entities.
Provide a schematic cost estimate and conceptual project schedule.
Prepare and submit three (3) sets of site plan program of spaces and adjacencies
layout for review and approval.
II. Schematic Design Phase
1. Facilitate meetings with City staff to review building square footage, required utilities,
drainage, zoning and traffic needs to develop Schematic Design Documents.
2. Obtain and review applicable City standards and guidelines for design (Design Criteria
Manual, Unified Development Code) and provide design that meets City codes.
3. Attend Pre-Development meeting and address points of clarification regarding the
4. Prepare and submit three (3) sets of Schematic Design Documents, Preliminary
Specifications, Schematic cost estimate and schedule to the City staff for review and
approval. (30% plan review). Components to include:
a. site plans, paving layouts, traffic circulation
b. floor plans, building circulation
c. exterior elevations, rendering and color palette
d. critical building sections and details
e. Relevant right of way information such as easements, building set backs etc.
f. Location of utilities and sizes
5. After receiving schematic design comments, meet with:
a. Planning Department, Building officials and Fire Marshall to review project
b. City Engineer and Brazoria Drainage District 4 (BDD4) to review project
c. Public Works to review utilities.
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D23. Revised 3/08
6. Respond in writing to all City comments on plans.
7. Coordinate with private utilities and service providers.
III. Design Development Phase
1. Facilitate meetings with City staff to develop Design Development Documents.
2. Prepare and submit three (3) sets of Design Development Documents including
Detailed Specifications, Cost Estimate and schedule to the City staff for review and
approval. (60% plan review). Components to include:
a. site plans, paving layouts, traffic circulation, lighting, signage and utilities
b. floor plans, Structural, Civil, Architectural, Storm Water Pollution Prevention
Plan (SWPPP), MEP, Fire Protection and landscaping
c. exterior elevations, rendering and color palette
d. building sections and details
e. interior elevations, casework and millwork elevations
f. drainage Study and calculations
g. report addressing all City’s Design Criteria and Code requirements
3. Respond in writing to all City comments on plans.
4. Coordinate final utility plans.
IV. Construction Documents Phase
1. Prepare complete Construction Documents and Specifications and submit three (3) sets
to City staff for Code and general review and approval (90% plan review).
2. Attend follow up meetings with Fire Marshall, BDD4, City Engineer, Planning and
Chief Building Official (CBO).
a. Obtain BDD4’s approval and signature of plans.
3. Complete Platting and record Plat.
4. Complete final coordination with private utilities and service providers.
5. Prepare and submit three (3) complete sets of Construction Documents, including 90%
written responses, Specifications and Architect’s Cost Estimate and schedule to:
a. Projects Department for review and approval (100% plan review)
b. Community Development for formal Plan Review for Permit
6. Submit plans to Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) or Registered
Accessibility Specialist (RAS) for accessibility review.
7. Correct plans to reflect issues noted by Review for Permit.
8. Acquire signature of City Engineer and CBO.
V. Bid Phase
a. Provide Notice to Bidders (NTB) to the Project Manager. City is responsible
for advertising.
b. Reproduce and disseminate bid sets to Dodge, AGC, ABC, Amtek and (2)
two sets to the City [PM (1), Purchasing (1) and interested bidders]
c. Distribute (including the sale of) plans to interested bidders
i. Keep record of plan holder’s list
d. Chair pre-bid meeting and attend the Bid Opening
e. Respond in writing to questions from bidders and prepare addenda as
f. Assist with design of Bid Proposal*
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D23. Revised 3/08
g. Prepare Engineer’s Recommendation of Award Letter that includes the
following required content:
i. Check for math errors and reconcile any mathematical discrepancies
ii. Review for unbalance bid items
iii. Certified Bid Tabulation including Engineer’s estimate
iv. Review of contractor’s financial standing and references provided
v. Explanation of discrepancies between the Engineer’s estimate and
vi. Recommendation to award
2. Attend City Council meeting and recommendation for award of Contract for
3. Produce and transmit to selected contractor five (5) sets of project manuals ready for
execution with City’s Notice of Intent to Award (NOI)
*This is the use of bid strategies to attain lowest possible prices for work, use of alternatives, etc.
VI. Construction Administration Phase
1. Facilitate Pre-Construction meeting and conduct regular [Insert time intervals]
construction progress meetings.
2. Provide Construction Administration.
a. Review, log and approve submittals, shop drawings, Request for Information
b. Review Construction Materials Testing reports.
c. Review and approve applications for payment.
d. Coordinate with Construction Manager or Project Manager on all Request for
Change Proposals, Change Orders, etc. including maintaining a log of all such
e. Provide direction for questions and concerns from the contractor and
Construction/Project Manager in resolution of problems.
3. Provide Field Services for entire construction period
a. Architect’s Construction Administrator to conduct a site visit a minimum of
[Insert Written Number] ([Insert Number]) times per week, including
observation of structural concrete placement, underground piping installation
and inspections, mechanical/electrical/plumbing cover-up, masonry
installation, ceiling cover-ups, etc.
b. Provide site visit report to Project Manager [Insert Time Interval].
4. Conduct Substantial Completion Inspection, coordinate with Construction
Manager/Project Manager to create punch list, substantiate that items noted are
completed, issue Substantial Completion Certificate.
VII. Project Close Out
1. Provide Warranty Administration Services during the entire Warranty Period. Architect
to issue Warranty Reports and review items after the Contractor has notified the City
that these items are complete.
2. Provide support services as needed during the project close out process.
3. Obtain and review close out submittal from the contractor for completeness before
transmitting to the City which include but are not limited to:
a. Contractor’s red lines and as-built notes
b. Warranty information
c. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
d. Operating Manuals
e. Start up and testing reports
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D23. Revised 3/08
f. Building commissioner report
g. As-Built record drawings (in hard copy and digital format)
4. Issue Final Completion and Acceptance letter to the City recommending acceptance.
Additional Services
Per UDC and DCM
- Survey/Platting
- Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)
- Landscape Architect
Testing and Balancing/Building Commissioning
USACE Permits
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D23. Revised 3/08