Honors/MYP Algebra II

Honors/MYP Algebra II
MYP Level 5
The IB Middle Years philosophy provides mathematics as a connection to real-world
situations through the exploration of the Areas of Interaction.. Mindful of diversity and
other cultures, MYP offers students a chance to explore problems with an international
flavor and reflects higher-level thinking skills. The IB learner profile identifies students
as life-long learners, with a continuum of international education from the primary years
through the diploma programme. The learner profile of the MYP students incorporates a
holistic view of school, both academic and non-academic.
While the course is strictly aligned to the California mathematics standards, the aims and
objectives for the MYP student include:
 understanding mathematical reasoning and processes
 the ability to apply mathematics and to evaluate the significance of results
 the ability to develop strategies for problems in which solutions are not obvious
 the acquisition of mathematical intuition
In an effort to make the class relevant to the real world, students will be asked to link the
IB/MYP Areas of Interaction throughout the course. The Areas of Interaction:
approaches to learning, environment, health and social education, human ingenuity, and
community and service, will be addressed in oral discussions, reflected in written work,
and conceptualized through projects.
TEXT: Prentice Hall, California Algebra 2; All-in-One Notetaking/Practice workbook
GRADING POLICY: This grade will be determined by tests, quizzes, homework,
projects, notes, classwork and class participation. Tests, quizzes, and projects will
account for 80% of the grade and all other work and class participation will comprise the
remaining 20%. The combined scale is as follows:
90%- 100%
(90-91 A- , 99-100 A+)
80%- 89%
(80-81 B- , 88-89 B+ )
70%- 79%
(70-71 C- , 78-79 C+ )
65%- 69%
(65 D- ,
69 D+ )
Below 65%
(Below 65
(Note: Rounding is at the teacher’s discretion.)
ASSESSMENTS: Tests will be given at the end of each unit, at the end of the 3rd
quarter, and at the end of each semester. Additionally, alternative assessments will be
assigned to determine if the student has grasped key concepts. All students will be asked
to address the Areas of Interaction on these assessments. These are included in the 80%
portion of the grade and will be scored according to the MYP criteria rubric.
Additionally, projects may be assigned. If so, the grade will be computed in the 80%
portion of the grade. The 9th grade MYP students will also have the grades earned on
their 4th year project and summer work incorporated into their final grades.
CLASSWORK/HOMEWORK: You may expect approximately one-half hour of
homework per night, with additional time invested for studying and projects. Homework
will be assigned most weekends. Homework must be turned in the next day, unless I say
otherwise. It will be given half credit on the second day and will not be accepted after
that. Assignments may be given full credit on the second day if proof is given that
tutoring took place on that particular assignment. Homework will be posted on the
Centennial website:
http://www.cnusd.k12.ca.us/cehs Click on Teachers (at the top) and Richardson, Nancy
CLASS PARTICIPATION: Class participation is essential in a mathematics class.
Verbal participation, as well as involvement in activities is absolutely necessary for
success in this class. Your participation will be included as part of your grade. You may
lose participation points if you are not getting to work when given class time to start
homework or for failure to bring your book. Points will be lost if you are tardy or absent
(either excused or unexcused). You may also lose points if your behavior prohibits
participation by others, or if you fail to bring your textbook when required.
Please note: Since participation in class cannot be duplicated, it is important to note that
the only way to make up these points is by earning extra credit. Extra credit may not
count for more than 5% of your grade.
MAKE-UP POLICY: Homework missed due an excused absence must be turned in
within two days of your return to school. Other arrangements can be made with me to
accommodate extended periods of excused absences. You may retake one test per
quarter. The decision to take that particular test must be made right away and the retake
must be done within one week from the day of the test. Test corrections must be
submitted to me at least one day prior to the retake day. If you are absent on the day
of a test or a quiz, you must make it up within two days of your return on your own time
and you will forfeit your opportunity for a second try on that particular test AND it will
count as your quarter retake. (A project, the third quarter exam or the final exam cannot
be a test score that is retaken). Arrangements must be made with me to make up tests or
quizzes. A test or a quiz that is not made up within the time limit will be averaged in as a
zero. Please do not let this happen. For your convenience, I will be available for help or
test retakes during lunch as offered, as well as, before or after school by appointment.
Note: I do NOT sign Independent Study Contracts! I will not give work for more
than five consecutive days of absence from school.
CLASSROOM RULES/CONSEQUENCES: Classroom and school rules will be
enforced at all times so that no student will interfere with another student’s right to learn.
After an initial warning, a detention and/or referral will be given depending on the
severity of the infraction. Specific consequences are as follows:
If a student takes a second chance test and does better, the student will receive
the higher score; however, students who take a second chance test and do worse
will receive the average of the two tests.
Cell phones, Ipods, mp3 players, etc., will not be tolerated in the classroom.
Phones and other media will be taken away from the student and given to office
REQUIRED MATERIALS: Each student is expected to have a 3-ring binder with
dividers, ruler, extra paper and at least two pencils with erasers. (Mechanical pencils are
more convenient.) Scientific calculators are required for this course. Graphing
calculators may be used and are considered a helpful addition to the class, although they
may not always be allowed for use during tests. (Please see me before deciding to buy a
graphing calculator). Textbooks must be brought to class unless I say otherwise!
ZANGLE: Grades will be uploaded to Zangle on a regular basis, usually after a chapter
test. Students have been given the letter home with the login information.
http://www.cnusd.k12.ca.us/cehs (click on Parent or Student Connect)
Please feel free to email me at any time at:
Good luck and have a super year!
Mrs. Richardson (951) 739-5670 ext. 3913