2004 CIGR International Conference
Olympics of Agricultural Engineering
Oct. 11~14, 2004 Beijing, P. R. China
Session III
in conjunction with the 1st Technical Symposium of CIGR Section VII
Information Technology Alters the Roadmap to Agricultural
Modernization and Sustainability
Call for papers
The roadmaps leading to agricultural modernization for developed and developing
countries are distinctly different. For the developed countries in North America and
Europe, adoption of information technology (IT) in agriculture lagged mechanization by
at least an half of a century, whereas in many developing countries, IT is adopted well
before mechanization is half-accomplished. IT helps developing countries in realizing
agricultural mechanization effectively and efficiently. IT provides a rare opportunity for
these countries to accelerate their rural development and to establish a leading role in
world agriculture. More importantly, IT is a powerful tool towards achieving the goals of
sustainable agriculture. As such, IT belongs to the entire world and can help to a peaceful
globalization for the benefit of all humans, regardless of their origins.
Session III of the CIGR 2004 Conference in Beijing calls for papers that report on
progress in the development and applications of IT in food and agriculture productions,
natural resources and environmental management, and rural development. The goal of
session III is to provide a forum for interaction, discussion, and information exchange
among scientists and engineers from developed and developing countries on the role of
IT in agricultural modernization and sustainability.
1. Strategic issues related to the research, use, deployment, and adoption of IT in
2. Information technology in resource and environmental management.
3. Spatial information technology (GPS, GIS, RS) for agriculture; precision
agriculture, and precision livestock farming.
4. Advanced sensing technology, instrumentation, robotics, and automation systems
for agriculture.
5. Bioinformatics
6. Information technology for food quality, safety, and traceability.
7. Machine vision and spectroscopy.
8. Modeling and simulation of agricultural & biosystems.
9. Expert systems, decision-support systems, and applied software development for
10. Communications, networking, and wireless technologies.
11. Web-based technology and information services for agriculture
Time and Venue:
October 11-14, 2004, including one half day of plenary session for the entire
conference, two and a half days for Session III activities – invited speeches, oral and
poster presentations, technical exhibition, and selective technical tours in Beijing.
International Convention Center, Beijing. For more information please visit the web
site of 2004 CIGR.
Session co-sponsors:
Key Laboratory of Modern Precision Agriculture Integration Research of Ministry of
Education, P.R. China (Located in China Agricultural University)
Association of Overseas Chinese Agricultural, Biological, and Food Engineers
Asian Federation of Information Technology in Agriculture, food and environment
National Engineering Research Center for International Technology in Agriculture
Session Organizing Committee
Prof. Maohua Wang, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Honorary
President of CSAE and CSAM,
Prof. Nick Sigrimis, Chairman, CIGR section VII, Agricultural University of
Athens, Greece,
Prof. Hashimoto, Honorary Chairs & Founding members of CIGR Section VII,
President of the Japanese Society for Agricultural Informatics,
Vice Chairmen:
Prof. Xiwen Luo, Vice President of CSAE and CSAM; Vice President, South
China Agricultural University,
Prof. G. Schiefer, University of Bonn,
Prof. Chunjiang Zhao, National Engineering Research Center for Information
Technology in Agriculture, China,
Dr. Jiannong Xin, University of Florida,
Prof. Fanlun Xiong, Member, CIGR Board and Session VII, China Science and
Technology University, China.
Prof. Yibin Ying, Zhejiang University,
Dr. Ta-Te Lin, Taiwan University,
Dr. Yanbin Li, University of Arkansas,
Dr.Chenghai,Yang,USDA,Tropical Research Center,
Dr. Ning Wang, McGill University,
Session Scientific committee
Prof. Naiqian Zhang, Past President, AOCABFE; Kansas State University,
Prof. Axel Munack, President, CIGR; FAL, Germany.
Prof. Fedro Zazueta, President, World Federation of IT in Agriculture, University
of Florida,
Prof. Fangquan Mei, President, AFITA, Chinese Academy of Agricultural
Prof. K.C. Ting, The Ohio State University,
Prof. Simon Blackmore, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Danmark,
Prof. Mikio Umeda, Kyoto University,
Dr. Yang Tao, University of Maryland,
Dr. Lei Tian, University of Illinois,
Dr. Shufeng Han, John Deere Company,
Dr. Richard Gates, Chairman Biosystems Eng. Dept, University of Kentucky,
Dr.Haruhiko Murase, Osaka Prefecture University,
Professor Xiaochao Zhang, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization
Session Organizer:
Key Laboratory of Modern Precision Agriculture System Integration
Research, Ministry of Education, Chinese Agricultural University
Secretaries of Session III:
Prof. Minzan Li,
Dr. Gang Liu,
Deadlines for papers submission:
April 1, 2004:
April 15, 2004:
June 1, 2004:
July 1, 2004:
Submission of abstracts
Notification of acceptance, instructions for authors.
Manuscript due.
Information to authors.
All version of the technical papers accepted by the conference will be published
both on CD-ROM with full Proceedings and printed publication with full
accepted abstracts available a for all registrated participants.
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