Turkey_2014-16 Technical Assistance for Preparation

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2 048 000 €
Technical assistance Technical Assistance for Preparation of the Veterinary Strategy Document
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The overall objective and purposes of the project are:
to analyse the current situation and detect the main shortcomings in the veterinary field
— particularly as regards animal health, animal identification and registration, control of
animal movements and animal welfare,
to make a needs assessment and prioritise needs, to determine short-, mid- and longterm goals in view of national interests and obligations arising from ongoing accession
negotiations with the European Union, .
to base policy decisions on cost-benefit analyses, in close consultation with the animal
industry and other stakeholders, and to incorporate these outputs into a veterinary
strategy document, which will serve as a key reference document for decision makers,
official veterinarians, private veterinary practitioners, staff of the Ministry of Food,
Agriculture and Livestock, non-governmental organisations and other relevant
Activities are carried out through 1 technical assistance contract. Thus, a Veterinary Strategy
Document is planned and prepared which includes animal health, animal welfare, animal
identification and registration and movement control components and which links these
components and sets an integrated roadmap for the forthcoming 15 years. In particular, the
document will focus on three key sub-sectors of the veterinary field namely, the animal health, the
animal identification and registration together with the control of the animal movement, and the
animal welfare.
NIRAS IC Sp. z o.o. ul.
AGRIN Co. Ltd,
Type of services provided
Activities to achieve Component 1: Animal health strategy
Review of available data and determination of specific data requirements for multiple purposes (disease identification,
productivity, etc.); Conduct of analytical studies dealing with zoonotic diseases and transboundary diseases; Preparation of
identification programmers, which comprehensively address recovery needs and costs, and the separate requirements of
specific farmed animal sectors; Creation of an effective financial model for the financing of measures aimed at the control of
emergency animal health situations due to contagious and transboundaiy animal diseases; Development of specific
communication strategies for each of the diseases treated.; legislative framework and the principles of the animal health
strategy, alignment with the EU Acquis
Activities to achieve Component 2 : Animal Welfare strategy
To propose relies on the available specific information about the progress recorded in Turkey in the animal welfare sector and
the lesson learnt from EU member state countries where the enforcement of animal welfare principles and rules is more
advanced, and it is resumed in the following points:
The Animal Welfare Strategy will be built upon the progress already produced in the sector by the Beneficiary.
EU is according efforts to the development of animal welfare legislation for more than 30 years. Accordingly, the
preparation of the animal welfare strategy for Turkey requires a close monitoring of developments in the EU
legislation in order to ensure both, the correct alignment of Turkey legislation and the most favourable conditions for
its enforcement.
A relevant number of business sectors dealing with livestock are concerned with the enforcement of animal welfare
rules. In addition to farms keeping animals of all species (including fish farms) kept for the production of food, wool,
skin or fur, livestock markets, slaughterhouses, livestock collection centres, quarantine stations, control posts and
livestock carriers are included.
to address awareness raising activities to the identified target groups in particular promoting the benefits of animal
health and welfare according to the concept “prevention is better than cure” and bringing the attention on the
advantages an animal welfare compliant activity could likely provide in the next future to their business
Activities to achieve Component 3 :Animal identification and registration and movement control strategy
to develop the activities involving all animal farm species considered by the existing Communitarian legislation namely, cattle,
ovine and caprine, pigs and equidae. In addition, considering the importance accorded by EU to the identification of pets to
improve the protection of public and animal health related to the prevention of rabies and other transmissible diseases and the
progress , it is opinion of the Consultant that the 15-year strategy shall also include pets identification; Consolidation of the
existing animal identification sub-systems; progressive upgrading of the present systems to the electronic one taking into
account the progress in the preparation of the new IPA project just dealing with the electronic identification for ovine and
caprine. As anticipated above, particular consideration will be accorded to the improvement of the animal movement control.
Consolidation of the monitoring of animal products not only of beef and beef products (for which EU legal requirements exist)
but also for sheep, goat, poultry and swine meat and meat products taking into account the legislative Communitarian
developments that will take place in the next future ; Identification of needs and planning of the introduction of identification
systems for additional animal species such as horses, pigs and pets.