Weekly Word Study Homework 2G

Weekly Word Study Homework
Monday- Pattern Sort and Say: Sort your words according to this week’s
pattern. Read your words out loud and discuss the pattern with a family
Tuesday- Blind Sort: Lay down a word from each category as a header and
then read the rest of the words aloud. Your child must indicate where the
word goes without seeing it. Lay the word down for your child to see, and let
your child move it if he or she is right or wrong. Repeat if your child makes
two or more errors.
Wednesday- Word Hunt: look for words in a “familiar book” (a book they
have already read) Search for weekly words, words that have the same
letter pattern, or both. Try to find two or three for each category.
Sentence Writing: Choose 4 of your words and write a complete sentence
for each of them. Underline the word study word inside of the sentence.
Thursday- Writing Sort: Write the pattern headings at the top of your
journal. Have a family member tell you one word at a time. You will write the
word under the correct heading with no peeking! Keep going until all of the
words are written. Then, check your spelling. This will help you study for
Friday’s test!