FAIRNESS Reflection Questions

FAIRNESS Reflection Questions……
1) What does fairness look like in practice?
2) Does fairness mean that everyone gets the same amount? What is the
difference between equality of opportunity and equality of results?
3) What does the Golden Rule have to do with fairness?
4) What does it mean to be open-minded?
5) How can one hold firm convictions, yet be open-minded at the same
6) Do you agree with Craig Kielburger that “Once we realize a problem
exists, it’s a call for action”? What kinds of actions did Craig take to
promote fairness?
7) How do you promote fairness in your life?
8) What if being fair to others means sacrificing something important of
your own, like time, money, or even your job? How can you
determine what’s fair when you have to choose between yourself and