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“Life isn’t fair”. Have you already heard it from someone; maybe from one of your
classmates or friends or even from your family? And what do you usually say to yourself when
you hear it? Did it ever get to your mind that the life isn’t really fair or you have your own
thoughts about fairness? Well, who could say right; if it is fair or not?
Merriam Webster defined fairness as the quality or state of being fair, especially, fair or
impartial treatment: lack of favouritism toward one side or another. Let us talk about
favouritism. Favouritism still exists in today’s era. It wasn’t easy to stop it though because
people won’t always like you or maybe there are better choices than you. For example, in a
small family, a parent might likely to be more giving to the youngest of their family than the
older one because they think that the youngest needed more care than the older one and they
are more fragile. They have this mindset that the other one can take care of himself/herself
because he/she is by now old enough to take care of himself/herself or so they thought. That is
why some people think that life is unfair. The parents thought that the other one need more
attention and care but they don’t know that both need the care and attention. They are caged
by their own interpretation and understanding of things. It should be balance. The both side
should receive equal care, attention and love. It should be balance. And that is what we called
fairness. You get what you need.
Discrimination may also be one of the reasons why people think that life isn’t fair.
People are being discriminated for some reasons like the way they dress their beliefs, skin color,
gender identity, race and the way they speak. This topic had been through a lot of arguments
and debates because of its negative effects on the way people think. And also double standard,
where two people or group are being treated differently from each other in a way that is unfair
to one of them. Back then, men were treated is the leader of a group because people thought
that women can’t lead on their own. They were told that men are stronger that women and
that is an example of double standard. That is why we have ‘women empowerment’ now a day
to give justice to the women and also the ‘Gabriela’ group of women who protects the rights of
As reported by the YouGov based on their nationwide survey, 29% of Americans now
say life is fair. We can see that fewer people believe that life is fair. But why does the rest
thought that life isn’t fair? And some are undecided? Do those people who said that life is fair
have an easy life than those who said that life isn’t fair? Do these people didn’t encountered
any discrimination, double standard, and favouritism? And for the other party, did they
experienced these kind of things or if they had been in these kind of situations; maybe yes,
maybe not? We could not conclude anything because we are not them.
As you can see in our masterpiece, the fairness is illustrated with a woman having two
faces. The other one has an average life and the other one is from the ‘elite’. Both have
different worlds but we can say that they are the same. Both breathe on the same air, both live
on the same land. Both have foods, shelter, clothes. You can see that they are both smiling
because they are contented on what they have. They are not looking on the lacking or
insecurities on their lives. They just busy loving and caring for the people and the things around
them. And that is fair. You can’t say that rich people have more advantage than those who are
poor and you can’t say poor people aren’t happy for the things they have. Fairness is getting
what you need. Both have what they need. And what makes it fairer is that they are not an
exception to the permanent sleep- death. Fairness is illustrated through ‘Life is Fair’ because
many people don’t believe in this phrase in a real life situation. We have our own perspective
and that’s what makes us different from each other.
Some people go, but some people will be putting up for their absence. You will lose
something but it will cause you inner peace. You will be left but someone will accompany you.
Life is fair because someday, we’ll going to be weak; we will age. Our memory won’t be too
sharp anymore, things will be hard for us to see and hear and we will go to the way we used to
be from the start- dust.