health ecology fairness care

Health is the wholeness and integrity
of living systems. We support the
promotion of physical, mental, social
and ecological well-being.
Everything operates within systems
and cycles. We work in ways which
reflect this interconnectedness.
Fairness is about equity, respect,
justice and stewardship. We strive to
act fairly in everything that we do.
Care means acting in a responsible
manner. We consider our impact on
the world, and the needs and values
of others in the way we work.
Look after yourself
Take a positive approach
Be ambitious and realistic
Strive for and celebrate success
Be dynamic; adjust to changes
and respond to opportunities
Consider your impact - think
Reach out -share knowledge and
best practice
Listen to and respect others;
take time to understand where
they are coming from
Tackle inequalities and injustice
Do the right thing , which isn’t
always the easiest thing
Make well-reasoned and
responsible decisions
Be honest and accurate in your
Connect with and care for one