RFP #07-142
RFP Eastgate Area Properties Master Plan
Eastgate Area Properties Master Plan
RFP Issue Date: December 4, 2007
Due Date and Time: January 3, 2008 @ 4:00 pm
Addendum Issued: December 18, 2007
Questions & Answers
1. Your web site provides a copy of the 2002 feasibility study. Was the department happy
with the quality of the work? If yes, what is the rationale for requesting a new set of
The City and Department were happy with the of work of the Design team. The Feasibility Study
was a Technical Study, the purpose of which was to inform the City’s decision of whether to
proceed with the Purchase & Sale Agreement to purchase the landfill property for park purposes.
The 2002 Feasibility Study was not developed to provide a design for the Park. City Council, inpart, to help control technical and legal costs wanted a separate contract and process for Master
Planning and associated SEPA work.
This contracting and RFP process is subject to the City of Bellevue’s contracting policies that
have been structured to ensure the highest ethical standards possible, conform with all applicable
laws and provide an open, accessible, transparent, and competitive process.
2. It appears from the 2002 feasibility study prepared by JGM Landscape Architects that a
wealth of engineering data was gathered, including consulting services for “Landfill and
Traffic Circulation” that are listed as required experience and expertise in your RFP. It
appears that for a master plan there is sufficient data available. Are there specific areas
that you wish expanded on to support master plan level of work being requested?
The feasibility study generated a wealth of valuable engineering data to test the feasibility of
developing an active, multi-use park site. There was no Master Planning process to inform and
determine the preferred design. We are anticipating additional technical expertise will be needed
to support the specific requirements of the preferred design.
3. Who is the city contracting with for the Landfill Gas System Assessment?
The City is currently contracting for monitoring, maintenance and gas composition assessment of
the landfill gas (LFG) system with Shaw Environmental. The City is also working with SCS, the
design firm, contracted via The Boeing Company, responsible for the most recent design and
modification to the LFG system.
4. It appears that SCS was part of the 2002 feasibility study and is also associated with the
Schnitzer NW team. Is there a reason why the city would need the services of another
landfill engineer on the master plan team?
The preferred Master Plan may require design modifications to Landfill systems requiring
engineering design, as well as knowledge of associated permitting and costs.
5. Has the location of the 105 parking spaces shared with Schnitzer West been identified?
No, the Specific location of these spaces has not yet been determined, and is the subject of
ongoing negotiations with Schnitzer West.
6. The submittal asks firms to submit three copies (five bound, two loose). This totals seven,
which is the correct number of copies?
RFP #07-142
RFP Eastgate Area Properties Master Plan
Please submit six copies (five bound, one loose) of your proposal and qualifications
RFP #07-142
RFP Eastgate Area Properties Master Plan
7. Have you identified a fee range for the master plan?
The fee range for the Master Plan will reflect the design team composition and negotiated
estimated tasks/time. Estimated fee’s have ranged from 85,000 to 200,000.
8. Is there an overall construction budget?
There is no construction budget at this time, The Master Plan will help inform the construction
9. How much money (or what percent) do you have in-hand for construction? What is the
source of the money?
There is no construction budget.
10. Has the city identified a key stakeholders group that the master plan team will consult
There has not been a single key stakeholders group identified. To the best of our knowledge key
planning issues have been outlined in the RFP and will be informed by neighborhood and
community groups, the City as well as State and City regulatory agencies. There are no
appointed steering or special consulting committees.
11. What is the impetus for the project?
The City seeks to have a Master Plan for all of its significant land-holdings - a Master Plan that
will lay the groundwork for the site’s long-term redevelopment and potential phased
implementation. Ideally, a publicly supported Master Plan that can communicate value to the
community and garner support from the community for a park’s voter initiative in 2008.
12. Who has developed the idea? Is there anyone against it? Why?
There has been no developed plan for the properties. There are no objections to a master
planning process or soliciting public input. Interest in the project and a desire to participate in the
Master Planning process has been expressed but - no objections. The RFP – Key Planning
Issues, captures the various design objectives known at this time.
13. What is the decision making process for selecting the consultant? Who are the decision
RFP material will be reviewed, and then presentation and interviews will be conducted with a
select number of design firms (see RFP requirements and evaluation criteria). The interview
panel will consist of approximately five City staff (Park and Utility Department personnel). Based
on the RFP, Presentation and Interview evaluations, a recommendation will be forwarded to
management and the City Council to approve a contract, assuming contract negotiations are
14. In addition to being published on your website, has this RFP been distributed directly to
consultants? If yes which firms?
A RFP ad was placed in the Daily Journal of Commerce and Seattle Times. Additionally, emails
were sent to Architects, Landscape Architects and Civil Engineering firms on the City’s
Professional Service Roster notifying the firms of the RFP available on the City’s web site.
15. Will there be a pre-submittal meeting?
There is no pre-submittal meeting.