Summer Science

Summer Science
Genetics Cycle
Classroom Days
Day One
 Objectives: The students will…
o Examine various genetic (and non-genetic) traits to determine similarities
and differences between peers
o Understand and apply important genetics terminology
o Discuss current genetics issues in real life (ex. ABS)
o Use genetics information provided to determine traits and create the
resulting “dragon”
 Materials:
o SMARTboard
o Large index cards
o Sticky notes
o “Questions we have about Genetics” poster
o Jurassic Park video
o PTC paper
o Markers/colored pencils/crayons
o Scissors
o Glue
o Printer paper
o Handouts for all activities
 Procedure:
o Introductions and attendance
o PowerPoint: overview of 4-day cycle
o Create partner card
o Create web on genetics (what we already know, or think we know)
 Prompt students: “What do you think of when you hear the word
o Have students create questions they have about genetics on sticky notes,
place sticky notes on “Questions we have about Genetics” poster.
 Prompt students: “Ask questions about vocabulary, HOW
something happens, WHY something happens, questions about
your family or your friend’s family, etc.”
o Jurassic Park clip
 Watch 2-3 minute clip from Jurassic Park where it explains the
genetics behind the creation of the dinosaur park.
 Discuss whether or not students believe this could happen in “real
o Human Variation
 Hand out human variation sheet to each student.
 Go through PowerPoint of each trait and have students fill in their
sheets according to their own traits.
After each trait, ask students if they think the trait is genetic or
Once all 13 traits are completed, have students compare their
answers with each of their partners on their partner card to see how
many they have in common.
Ask student volunteers to read their trait “profile” while each
student in the class counts how many traits they have in common.
Find students that are “most alike” and “most different.”
Discuss the limitations to this activity
 Only looks at 13 traits
 Not all genetic
 What would happen if we looked at more traits? How
would your similarities/differences to others in the class
Genetics Vocabulary
 Go through “Genetics: What and Why” PowerPoint while
students fill out first two vocab. words.
o Discuss ABS and how/why they use genetics
 Go through PowerPoint of additional important vocabulary
words while students copy on remainder of handout
Dragon Genetics
 Each student receives an envelope of Mom and Dad
chromosomes (3 of each)
 Each student receives DIFFERENT trait strip (6 choices)
 Fill out trait chart, including the 3 traits each chromosome
controls, and the genotype and phenotype for each trait
 Recollect envelopes and trait strips
 Students create/draw dragon according to trait chart
 Upon completion, students fill out a birth certificate for
their dragon and do the summary sheet
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