Ch - Fort Bend ISD

Ch. 14, Sec. 4
Legislative and Judicial Powers
Directions: Complete the outline on legislative powers by writing the correct words or
phrases in the blanks.
1. Using his message power, the President regularly sends these three major messages to
a. the State of the Union message
b. the President’s budget message
c. the annual Economic Report
2. The President’s four options in dealing with a measure passed by Congress are:
a. sign the bill into law
b. veto the bill
c. not sign it, allowing it to become law
d. pocket veto, not sign a bill at the end of a congressional session, which does
not allow it to become law
3. Throughout history Presidents have requested the veto power to include the line-item
veto that would allow them to cancel specific dollar amounts in spending.
4. Article II, Section 3 allow the President to call Congress into … special session.
5. No President has yet used the power to prorogue (adjourn) Congress.