Staffordshire Curriculum Statement
Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)*:
- provision is good when
the school promotes a culture and ethos which values the development,
knowledge, attitudes and skills in pupils to enable them to participate individually
and collectively to improve the quality of life in a sustainable way;
the school has produced a policy statement for ESD which sets out the
aims, priorities and targets for promoting ESD as a whole-school initiative, and
has identified strategies to promote and raise the profile of ESD within the school
and the wider school community;
the school has coordinated and monitored ESD initiatives and activities
throughout the school to ensure a consistency of approach and has an ESD
coordinator in place;
there is a programme of staff development (including governors) in place to
raise awareness of ESD and develop teachers' competency and skills;
subject leaders have identified opportunities within their schemes of work to
enable ESD to be delivered and reinforced through the curriculum;
the teaching approach promotes active learning to develop pupils'
understanding of sustainable development;
the school develops active and responsible citizenship and stewardship
through pupils' involvement in active decision-making through a school council or
the school has established links to support and develop a global and
international dimension within the curriculum;
the school involves, and make use of, the wider school community to enrich
learning and pupils' personal and social development including the effective use
of business, local authorities, non-government organisations and community
groups to support their work in developing the sustainable agenda;
10. the school respects and values diversity;
11. the school is actively involved in improving performance against
sustainability indicators, including waste management, fair trade and a green
purchasing policy;
12. the school has embarked on, or maintained, a programme of ground
development and improvement to support learning, to promote stewardship and
improve the quality of life;
13. the whole school community is involved in making decisions about the
environment of the school and participates in implementing those decisions.
* ESD is an all-encompassing term that includes the more familiar titles of
Environmental Education, Environmental Studies and Environment and
Sustainable Development.
In personalizing this document to meet the needs of your school, please ensure
that you clearly demonstrate your school’s commitment to addressing issues
relating to Climate Change.