Also, here`s a PowerPoint of the basics

Regional Implementation Grant:
5 Districts in ESD 189 Cooperating
Currently we have a
2 level system
New System must be
4 Levels
Rating System
Must describe
performance on a
Currently we have 7 Criteria:
Professional preparation/scholarship
Instructional skill
Knowledge of subject matter
Classroom management
Handling student discipline/attendance
Interest in teaching pupils
Effort towards improvement when needed
8 criteria under the new teacher evaluation system:
1. Centering instruction on high expectations
2. Demonstrating effecting teaching practices
3. Recognizing individual student learning needs and
developing strategies to address those needs
4. Providing clear and intentional focus on subject matter
content and curriculum
5. Fostering and managing a safe, positive learning
6. Using multiple student data elements to modify
instruction and improve student learning
7. Communicating with parents and school community
8. Exhibiting collaborative and collegial practices
Cause and effect relationship between
teaching strategies and student
Charolette Danielson
5 Dimensions of
Then there
are the
We allthings
have questions
and we’d like to hear
yours? We’ll
youruse your questions to create a FAQ
page onmother
the website.
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