Dear Hannah challenge 65

Dear Hannah Cow# 65
G-5 The Flower Friends
Pick your prettiest floral fabric and a nice green and appliqué this easy block. Nothing
complicated here, you just get to practice your curves and points.
Pieced Block
M-4 Pole Star
This block is complex, but by now we should have the skills needed to accomplish it. I
used freezer paper patterns so that I could use a letter and number to keep track of each
piece. If you want to be sure to have everything go together well, draw arrows to show
straight of grain and make marks on the pattern pieces to show what sides join before you
cut them apart. As Linda Franz says, print a master pattern to be able to check how
things go together. I hand sewed this block for accuracy.
Sew the center star in pairs. You will sew a kite shape to the North, East, South and West
Next sew paired diamonds to each of the remaining kites and then sew the framing
triangles to these segments. Lastly sew the center star together carefully starting and
ending ¼” from the points, this way the center could be swirled and pressed. It’s most
important to trim these little diamonds to remove bulk in the seams.