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Geoffrey H. B. Dommett
Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, December, 2007 Dissertation: Properties of a Graphene based
Nanocomposite and Nanopaper. Advisor: Rodney S. Ruoff, Ph.D.
University of Bristol, Bristol, England.
MSc: Electronic Properties of Advanced Materials, June 2001
St. John’s College, University of Oxford, England. Masters in Physics (MPhys) , June 2000
Thesis: Magnetic Pulse Compression Circuits For Copper Vapour Lasers
Teaching Experience:
Teaching Assistant, Northwestern University
Physics 135: Introductory Physics: Conducted lab sections with students, and graded papers.
ME 340-2: Introduction to Manufacturing:
Supervised labs, and taught Unigraphics to students and teaching assistants for this class
Assisted students designing parts appropriate for injection moulding, and fabricated the moulds
Research Experience
Research Assistant, Northwestern University
Designed and executed experiments probing nanocomposites to establish the conductivity mechanism
Designed and fabricated experimental equipment for:
Performing accurate electrical measurements on terra-ohm samples inside a cryostat
Injection moulding very small quantities of material enabling the effects of industrial processing to be
established at the earliest possible development stages of a new material
Developed data collection software that interfaced in-house equipment with a commercial cryostat,
enabling 24/7 equipment utilization, and reducing required manpower
Supervised and directed undergraduate student through sub-project
Developed data analysis software that automated highly repetitive tasks
IT Skills and Experience
Familiar with Solaris 9 and 10, Windows XP and all prior versions, x86 and UltraSPARC hardware
Familiar with many concepts of networking. Set up file-systems using NFS and Samba to enable data
analysis scripts to run simultaneously on multiple computers
Other Proficiencies and Skills:
CAD/CAM/CAE:Unigraphics, Comsol, Autocad
Programming: Matlab, Microsoft Visual Studio C++, Assembler
Fabrication Techniques: Metal cutting, Injection Moulding
Analytical Techniques: Scanning electron microscopy, Secondary ion mass spectroscopy, Atomic
force microscopy, X-ray diffraction, Optical microscopy
Cryostats, Vacuum systems, High impedance measurements, High voltage electronics.
Publication List:
Stankovich S, Dikin DA, Dommett GHB, et al. Graphene-based composite materials
Nature 442 (7100): 282-286 JUL 20 2006 Times Cited: 32
Watcharotone S, Dikin DA, Stankovich S, et al. Graphene-silica composite thin films as transparent conductors, Nanoletters S 7 (7):
1888-1892 JUL 2007
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material anisotropy: a finite element study
Measurement Science and Technology 18 (7): 2067-2073 JUL 2007
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26 2007
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