The 13th regional symposium
in animal clinical pathology and therapy
Clinica Veterinaria 2011
Subotica 16 – 18.06. 2011, R Serbia
11000 Belgrade, Bulevar oslobođenja 18. Tel.+ 381 11 3611-810 Fax + 381 11 3611-809
The 13th Regional Symposium on Clinical Pathology and Animal Treatment
Clinica Veterinaria 2011
The symposium in clinical pathology and animal treatment Clinica Veterinaria 2011
organizing committee decided to hold the 13th symposium in Subotica, June 16 to June 18, 2011.
The symposium organizer is the Belgrade University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine together
with the Serbian Veterinary Chamber. The symposium is educational. The symposium program
consists of plenary sessions, workshops, round table, poster sections and student sections.
16. 06. 2011. Plenary sessions:
I. Diseases of acropodium in cattle. Moderator: Borut Zemljič, Danijela Kirovski
Health management practices for dry dairy cows.
Plamen Trojačanec
Laminitis in cattle.
Borut Zemljič
Acropodium health in high yielding dairy cows during heat stress
Ivan Vujanac, Horea Šamanc, Danijela Kirovski, Radiša Prodanović, Olivera
II. Cattle reproduction. Moderator: Toni Dovenski, Danijela Kirovski
Real possibilities for using embryo transfer in cattle genetic improvement.
Toni Dovenski
Deep frozen sperm manipulation.
Mustafa Podžo
Impact of negative energy balance on reproduction in dairy cows.
Ožbalt Potpečan
III. Soft skills. Moderator: Vojislav Ilić
Mechanisms of development and possibilities of correction and prevention of
dissatisfaction in the client.
Vojislav Ilić, Robert Stezinar
Management risk in veterinary praxis.
Zoran Katrinka
Financial data you should monitor closely in your clinic.
Goran Cvetković
IV. Equine sports medicine. Moderator: Dragiša Trailović
17.06.2011. Plenary sessions
V. Small animal’s nervous system disorders. Moderators: Saša Trailović, Nenad Andrić
Behavior disorders in dogs and cats.
Marijana Vučinić
Pharmacotherapy of behavior disorders in dogs and cats.
Saša Trailović
Canine and feline cervical myelopathies.
Nenad Andrić
Canine and feline lumbosacral disorders.
Zoe Polyzopoulou
Differential diagnoses in polyneuropathies
Petr Šrenk
Indications and contraindications for surgical treatment of spine disorders in dogs
and cats.
Boris Pirkić
VI. Small animals surgery: Moderator: Janoš Butinar
 Osteosinthesis in dogs and cats.
Mario Kreszinger
 Surgical solution of medically incurable Otitis externa et media in dogs and cats.
Janoš Butinar
 Teeth extraction in dogs and cats – indications, techniques, equipment
Ana Rejec
18.06.2011. Plenary sessions
VII. Endocrine diseases of small animals. Moderator: Nikola Popović
 Differentiating the true hormonal dermatoses of the dog.
Alexander F. Koutinas
 Diabetes in dogs and cats.
Vanja Krstić
 Current endocrine medication and therapeutical applications in the dog and cat
Alexander F. Koutinas
VIII. Laboratory diagnostics in small animals. Moderators: Milan Jovanović, Milica
Kovačević – Filipović
Recommended procedures for the collection, handling and processing of blood and
urine specimens.
Alenka Nemec Svete
Laboratory diagnostic of inflammation in dogs and cats.
Milica Kovačavić - Filipović
Disorders of red blood cells in dogs and cats.
Milan Jovanović
Relevance and methods for the determination of micro and macro elements status in
dogs and cats.
Olivera Valčić, Ivan Jovanović, Svetlana Milanović
1. Cattle laparotomy in field conditions.
Petar Milosavljević
2. Using ultrasound for management of reproduction in dairy cows.
Toni Dovenski
3. Otitis externa - how to avoid common mistakes.
Nikola Popović
4. Ultrasound examination in small animals.
Vanja Krstić, Vojislav Ilić
5. Control of reproduction in small animals (indications, medications).
Vladimir Magaš
6. Administration drugs in poultry medication.
Radmila Resanović, Saša Trailović
7. Radiological diagnostics of bone structural diseases in dogs and cats.
Nikola Krstić, Mirjana Lazarević - Macanović
8. Basic of cardiology in small animals.
Predrag Stepanović
9. Teeth extraction in dogs and cats – equipment and techniques
Ana Rejec
Round table:
Production and distribution medications in Veterinary medicine
Srđan Marković
Every plenary session remind 35 minutes lectures held by eminent lecturers, both from the
host countrie and other European countries. The workshops will be held in smaller groups of 10
to 15 participants. Every workshop consists of an introductory lecture, interactive education in
small groups, demonstrations, practical work and assessment (tests).
Besides the plenary sessions, workshops and round table, there will be a section from
practice with case presentations, results of clinical, epizootic and diagnostic procedures,
interesting experiences and observations that can be submitted at free will and presented as
posters and /or as oral presentations.
Student’s paperwork's must be submitted and recommended by their mentors. Case
presentations and student’s paperwork's must be presented as poster and in PowerPoint format,
for short oral presentation (10 minutes for each presentation).
The posters should consists usual parts: title with the names of the authors with institutions
where they work, introduction, materials and methods, results, conclusions and a brief list of
references. The posters should be 80x100 cm and should be brought to the symposium. The
program committee will choose interesting paperwork’s from practice for short oral, 10 minute,
presentation. An active participation at the symposium brings further points for licensing.
The deadline for submission of case presentations and student’s paperwork’s is May 1st,
2011. The submission should have title in Serbian and English language with full authors names
and a short summary on 2 A4 pages (800 to 1000 words) in Microsoft Word format, New Times
Roman font size 12 pts, 1.5 spacing, and 2.5 cm margins. Electronic versions of the student’s
papers should be submitted to and paper works about case presentations,
results of clinical, epizootic and diagnostic procedures, interesting experiences and observations
should be submitted to
Besides the educational contents of the Symposium, there will be promotions and
presentations of new books, pharmacological programs etc. If you may wish more detailed
information, or if you want to participate in these activities or if you have suggestions, please
contact us as soon as possible.
Extra information:
Nenad Andrić, Faculty of veterinary medicine, 11000 Beograd, Bulevar oslobođenja 18, tel +381
11 3611 810, e-mail: or