Design and Access Statement for 45

Planning Statement
45 - 47 Beaufort House Hotel
Completed by:
Cormac Healy – Kent Eco Homes on behalf of Beaufort House Services
This statement accompanies an application to perform minor alterations to an
external entrance to 45 – 47 Beaufort House Hotel in Knightsbridge.
It is understood that no planning applications have been submitted on the site before
in relation to this type of work.
The existing building is currently occupied and operates as a 5 Star Hotel, the day to
day activities will not be interfered with as there are two Entrances at the hotel. The
Entrance that we are proposing to make the alterations to is currently not in use,
therefore we are hoping to provide an entrance that will accommodate an access for
deliveries to the hotel, please note this will not be used by the public or residents.
Site Description:
The site of the hotel is located on a quiet cul-de-sac off the main thoroughfare of
Knightsbridge. There is restricted parking in the area and this is understandable
given the locality.
There are two entrances to the front of the building, both with stepped access. One is
the main entrance to the hotel and the other is not used. The proposed alterations
will be to utilize the second unused entrance and provide an access ramp for
deliveries. This will enhance the hotel overall and avoid disturbance as well as
potential health & safety risks between residents and commercial deliveries.
In arriving at the current proposal, significant thought has been given to introducing a
layout that is designed specifically for this building, recognising the constraints that
the site does possess as regards altering the external image.
It is proposed to remove the existing steps and replace them with a delivery ramp
that will accommodate access for delivery drivers using trolleys. The proposal will
use the existing paving slabs which will be in keeping with its surrounding
environment. The existing door will be lowered with a transom window introduced
over the door so as to match the main entrance door and also allow sunlight into the
The attached drawings illustrate the proposals and the photos show the location of
the alterations on the front of the building.
Kent Eco Homes ltd.
36 Devonshire Avenue,
Dartford, Kent,
Planning Policy:
The design of the entrance has been prepared by taking into account Part M and K of
the building regulations. Due to the constraints of the site, it proved impossible to
reach the preferred slope of 1:20/1:12 as required under Part M and K.
As the slope is 1:10, it was therefore decided that this access would be restricted to
deliveries only and public access would remain the same and use the main entrance.
The requirements for handrails either side of the ramp will be achieved and installed
as per Part M and K.
The current proposal will introduce a much needed commercial delivery access to the
hotel and also eliminate disturbance and potential health & safety risks between
residents and deliveries. This will enhance the hotel overall and create a more
professional image going forward.
It is hoped that Officers will therefore be able to support the current proposal to
improve this building to the benefit of existing and future residents alike. If for any
reasons there are any concerns, it is requested that the Agent be contacted to allow
the applicant the opportunity to address such concerns.
Thank you for your time in dealing with this application.
Kent Eco Homes ltd.
36 Devonshire Avenue,
Dartford, Kent,