Application for 21st Century Model Classroom Grant


Application for Model Classroom 2005-2006


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Your vision of a 21 st

Century Classroom:

1. Please list exactly what hardware and software you are requesting. How you will use the requested technology with your students on a daily basis?

Equipment and Software being requested:

1. Interactive Whiteboard

2. Hi-resolution (5.0 megapixel) digital camera

3. Digital Video Camera and Software capable of “stop action” and animation

4. Sketch pad

5. Photoshop CS for use with whiteboard and teacher laptop

6. Twenty-five student lab pack of Photoshop Elements for computer lab

I plan to create a model art classroom by using an interactive white board to demonstrate concepts such as color theory, shading / blending and perspective using Photoshop CS, and Art Rage. PowerPoint will also be used on a regular basis to illustrate concepts and ideas that cannot be shown on a chalk or dry erase board. Examples of historical art and children’s art will be shown with the aid of the internet and video files compiled by the teacher. Additionally, with the use of a “sketch pad” and a digital video camera I will be able to teach lessons in drawing that will be projected for the whole class to see at once. This is not currently possible because of the difficulty of viewing the work being demonstrated with the demonstrator standing in front of the board. Also, demonstrations on dry erase boards do not allow for the change of media that is provided with computer software. And, it is difficult to draw and fairly impossible to shade on a dry erase board. Lessons created in this fashion can be saved to disks or stored on the hard drive and will be copyright free since they are the property of the creator, thus providing a readily available library of reusable lessons. These lessons will include “how-to-draw” sessions on currently popular subjects (dragon ball Z and other animae) as well as more traditional subjects.

In other classes students will be able to meet as a class in the main computer lab and work together on

Photoshop Elements to expand their knowledge of photo manipulation and drawing and painting as it pertains to the computer.

With the use of a digital still camera the students will be able to photograph subject matter and return to the classroom with it, project it for the viewing of other students and create using the captured subject.

Additionally, student work will be reproduced to the internet and shown on other such sources as channel


With a digital video camera that is capable of single shots, students will be able to create “Claymation” and stop action presentations which will prepare them for similar work being done in the middle schools, e.g.

Laura Lee D’huyVetter’s classes are currently using this method to integrate the art class with literary subjects.

This equipment will be housed primarily in the art room. Peripherals will be kept locked in one of the art room storage rooms, but they will be available to other teachers when not in use, as will the whiteboard, during times when the art room is not being used for art.

2. How will you evaluate the success of your project?

Success will be gauged qualitatively through the work created by the classes that have received instruction using the proposed equipment. Electronic work will be posted to the teacher’s classroom website. Other work will be electronically reproduced for the website and shown via PowerPoint slideshows at school functions. Two dimensional art work will be placed in the school and other locations in Athens for events such as county wide art shows and similar venues.

3. How will this project support the goals and/or action steps of your School Improvement Plan? How does this project impact student achievement?

Subject matter of art work created using the proposed equipment will often be based on literacy goals set in the students individual classes. Integration of art history with history, scientific subjects, current events and subjects used as literacy awareness projects will be integrated into the art curriculum. Examples of this would be, group projects recorded on video, such as mpeg movies and animated films based on literary subjects, which will include history, art and science as subject matter. The “hook” of the technology will serve as motivation in these scenarios.

4. How does your vision align with the National Educational Technology Standards for Students

(NETS*S)? With the NETS*Teacher standards? Be specific and complete. See

Students: With the equipment and software requested, the standards set for students by the NETS will be achieved through technology-based activities that further the goal of student achievement in learning, communication, and life skills.

Software requested for the student computer lab will be used primary by fourth and fifth grade students. In this situation concepts of basic operations of this technology will be augmented by specific software,

PhotoShop, is basic to most art related computer graphics programs. Proficiency with this particular program will be encouraged by group projects that combine computer literacy with various other subjects such as history, science, art and the literary areas.

Positive attitudes will be developed toward technology as students simultaneously learn to electronically create and learn subject matter.

The teacher will use productivity tools to facilitate the understanding of concepts and to aid in the conceptualization by the students who will collaborate in constructing technology-enhanced models, prepare publications, and produce other creative works.

Teachers: Because I tend to be one of the teachers in our building who is depended upon for advice on technology, it would be a positive move for the school if I am allowed to pioneer the use of this equipment and software in conjunction with my curriculum. Other teachers who tend to be timid with technology may use my classroom as an example, and I will be there to aid them technically with in their attempts.