Molly Moran

Molly Moran
January 26, 2005
1. Prince Harry – Prince Harry caused quite an outrage when he recently dressed up as a
Nazi at a costume party. He quickly apologized after seeing his picture printed in a
2. Condalezza Rice – During the debate on January 25th, a senate democrat referred to
Condoleezza as a liar and another called her an apologists for Bush. However, throughout
the entire debate she stayed on track for her confirmation as secretary of
3. 55th Presidential Inaugural – The 55th Presidential Inaugural took place on January
20th on the West Front of the United States Capitol. There was immense about of security
on hand in downtown DC. There were many people who attended the Inaugural parade,
such as opera singers Denyce Graves and Susan Graham. Many bands marched in the
parade, including Washington DC’s own Ballou High School
4. Leslie Mooves – CBS' president and CEO Leslie Mooves, who since the CBS/Viacom
merger has taken control of the newly combined station groups.(National)(Novelty)
5. Golden Globe Award – The 62nd Annual Golden Globes took place Live On NBC
Sunday January 16th at 8:00 PM. The Aviator was named best film and Leonardo
DiCaprio best actor at the Golden Globes awards in Los Angeles.(Culture)(Interest)
6. Michael K. Powell - Michael K. Powell is Chairman of the Federal Communications
Commission. Chairman Powell was nominated by President William J. Clinton to a
Republican seat on the Commission. Powell announced his resignation the day before
Bush’s Inauguration. This resignation will occur sometime in
7. Wilbert Rideau – Wilbert Rideau has been released from prison after 44 years. The
jury has found him guilty of manslaughter instead of murder after his fourth trial. This
has allowed him to be released for time already served.(Media)(Novelty)
8. Iraq elections (there is a local angle here also involving Prince George's County) –
The most dreaded militant in Iraq has declared war on democracy and reportedly
threatened to disrupt national elections fro next Sunday. (Foreign)(Conflict)
9. Donald Trump- Donald Trump, 58, married model Melania Knauss, 32, in West Palm
Beach, Florida on January 22. They through an extravagant ceremony. Many celebrities
were in attendance. (Culture)(Prominence)
10. Martha Stewart – Martha Steward has past her midway point in her 5-month
sentence. She is busy making plans for her life after prison. She already intends to host a
syndicated show on NBC next fall.(Media)(Prominence/Novelty)
11. WMATA (Metro)- The Washington Metro has promised to make a change for the
better in 2005. The board recently approved a $3.3 billion Metro Matters funding
agreement that will help bring eight-car rail trains to about one-third of the system. It will
also add buses for more transportation opportunities. Also during the Inaugural some of
the metro cars were used to block certain roads as a safety precaution.(Local)(Usefulness)
12. Social Security- Senate Republicans say the revamping of Social Security is their top
legislative goal of 2005. The Senate also hopes to strengthen the Social Security
13. Roger Clemens - The Houston Astros signed Roger Clemens to a one-year contract
worth $18 million, making him the highest-paid pitcher in Major League Baseball
15. Pittsburgh Steelers/Philadelphia Eagles – The Steelers had a 41-27 loss to New
England in the AFC championship game at Heinz Field. The Philadelphia Eagles had a
victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Leading them to their first super bowl in 24