Sample Behavioral Intervention Plan (Narrative Format)

Sample Behavioral Intervention Plan (Narrative Format)
The goal of the following plan is to eliminate disruptive, aggressive, and noncompliant
behaviors that interfere with Eric’s opportunity to acquire and produce academic skills.
I. Definition of Behavior
A. Aggressive behaviors are those actions which may cause potential injufry to self,
students or staff and/or destruction of property.
B. Disruptive behaviors are those actions that include foul or unacceptable language
related to noncompliance, behavior that disrupts, annoys or irritates others, and/or
behavior that interrupts or interferes with normal classroom activities.
C. Antecedent behaviors are actions that, if not dealt with immediately, have the
potential to lead to aggressive and disruptive behaviors. These behaviors
generally occur when a classroom rule has been exceeded including: talking out
loud, being off-task in the classroom, refusing to open books, (behavioral
indicators that have led to problems in the past).
II. Classroom Management Plan/Selection of Resource
Classroom rules are typically similar in all settings. Generally the rules include:
A. Respect of self and others (i.e., waits turn, acknowledges compliance requests,
communicates in moderate, positive tone.)
B. Respects property (i.e., uses materials acceptably, books for reading, paper/pencil
for writing.)
C. Stays on task (i.e., follows through on tasks and assignments, follows along in
book, asks appropriate questions.)
D. Follows teacher directions (i.e., raises hand, sits in seat, follows directives without
If one of the rules is violated, a warning is given with a concrete explanation of what
behavior was unacceptable with a prompt of the expected behavior for the immediate
situation. If the warning is sufficient, class time may continue with reinforcement
and acknowledgment for acceptable behavior based on the situation and Eric’s
If Eric becomes noncompliant, a time-out procedure will be instituted in the class. A
5-minute removal with a contingent behavior release dependent on acceptable
behavior will be utilized.
If Eric continues to be noncompliant, removal from the room or to in-school
suspension will be initiated. Supervision and instructional activities will be provided.
Removal will be for the remainder of the class period in which the incident occurred
plus the next hour class.
Positive reinforcement contingencies for a series of successful classes will be
provided on an intermittent basis, reinforcements will include free time, library time,
gym time and other acceptable activities defined by the teacher and the student.
The classroom teacher will, within the same day the incident occurred, attempt to
resolve the conflict through directed conversation with Eric to ensure he understands
the behavioral expectations for the class and to analyze alternative, more acceptable
methods for dealing with the incident.
Should a pattern of behavioral problems continue (4 consecutive days of in-school
suspension) the IEP team will be reconvened to consider modifications of
intervention techniques, alternative programs or other related services as appropriate.
Managing Aggressive and/or Assaultive Behaviors
A. Antecedent behaviors or actions that have the potential of leading to
aggressive behaviors will also be addressed. Any with the potential of
endangering the health and safety (throwing books, kicking locker, knocking
over desk) of Eric or others will result in an out-of-school suspension.
1. Teachers have to be instructed not to touch Eric or to engage in any
verbal argument. If Eric refuses to correct his behavior after being
told to do so, they are to call the office. Eric will be directed to go to
the principal’s office. If he refuses, the principal and/or designee(s)
will escort Eric to the office.
2. Eric’s parents will be called to remove him from school for the
remainder of the day.
a. Prior to leaving school, Eric’s behavior will be discussed with
his parents (Eric will be in attendance).
3. If the parents cannot be reached, the police will be called and an
effort will be made to directly contact police officer Ruesch first. If
unavailable, Captain Eastwood or the shift commander will be
contacted. If there is an emergency, the school will call 911.
One of the following things could happen:
a. law enforcement will determine if they can intervene directly
by considering the severity of the act.
b. They would involve and contact Social Services as appropriate.
B. Any physical aggression toward students, self or other staff members that may
case potential injury or results in bodily harm will result in significant
disciplinary action including out of school suspension and contact with the
police. Behaviors include hitting and kicking others, fighting, biting or
weapon possession.
1. Eric will be suspended for three days.
2. Prior to returning, Eric and his parents will meet with the IEP team
on the third day to discuss behavior and potential solutions and
programming alternatives. Further evaluation and additional
resource information will be attended to at that time.
3. Law enforcement will determine intervention and involvement of
Social Services as appropriate.
Consequence, Reinforcement Contingencies for Positive Behavior
Positive daily behavior will be analyzed each class period by the individual
teacher acknowledging and quantifying Eric’s positive response and acceptable
behavior. In addition, the following reinforcement plan will be implemented.
A. During the eighth hour of each day that Eric does not exhibit antecedent or
aggressive behavior, he will be allowed to select reinforcement activities
including computer time, free time, swimming.
B. After five consecutive days of no targeted behavior having been exhibited,
early release will be arranged for two hours on one school day.
C. After four weeks of no targeted behavior and three earned early release times,
Eric will earn four additional hours of release time.
The above plan was discussed with Eric and his parents and shared on
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