Senior Design Projects - Lyle School of Engineering

Spring 2002 - Siems
Cost Benefit Analysis of Research Support Systems at the Federal Reserve
Bank of Dallas
Paul Benes
Robert Sine
Optimizing Profitability of Talisman Structures: Historical Analysis of Job
Shameka Brackens
Jessica Cline
Steven Schindler
Baylor Asthma Center Time Study Analysis
Jonathan Adamson
Ashley Noble
Edward Tarnawa
Forecasting for the Future: Developing a Forecasting Model for Brinker
Latonya Morris
James Orr
Senior Design Project for Verizon Wireless Communications
Mohamed Fahim
Forecasting Productivity for Kodak’s Health Imaging Service & Support Center
Heidi Huber
John Rosenbaum
Amy Stokes
Investigation of Installation and Use of Energy Saving Devices in Low-Traffic
Patrick Sims
Brad Pittler
Optimization of Production and Distribution: Forecasting Capacity for Projected
Mark Bacon
Michael Breed
Coca-Cola Distribution of North Texas
Steven Owen
Nicole Robinson
Nina Trujillo
Skin Ceuticals: A Modified Time Series Decomposition Model
Rob Harrison
RD Trinidad
Niall Needham
Spring 1999 - Barr
Educational Advancements Through Video Games
Lucas A. Guerra
Caledonia Natural Gas Storage Project
Darby Grande
Class Scheduler for SMU Math Department
Dameon Booker
Antonio de Roux
Jose Esparza
John Faut
Spring 1998 - Barr
ADSL Distribution System for Broadcast Towers, Inc.
Robert Blaine Twilley
Production Planning Linear Programming Model and Visual Basic Simulation
Warwick Woodward
Diego Olivarez
Shane Needham
Britain Auer
Resource Scheduling Project – nURAD Technologies Inc.
Jim Barnard
TA Scheduling
Drew Hall
Michael Chiang
Emily Krannich
Sean Vanlandingham
Composting Feasibility Study for the Dallas Zoo
Caroline Bork
Jan Cloutier
Andrew Stewart
Baylor Heart Hospital
Josh Urquhart
Kelly Nelson
Ikechukwu Irozuru
Steven Chapman
Ashley Beckwith
Spring 1997 - Barr
Capacity Planning for the Baylor University Medical Center 2RSU Pre-operating
Jenise Hughes
Enrico Linscheer
Matt Maynard
Carrie Messer
Production Center Analyses & Recommendations For National Aeronautics and
Space Administration
Chris Genda
Loan Nguyen
Valerie Vlahos
John Williams
Spring 1996 - Barr
Okanagan Lumber Company
Branon Coluccio
Fleet Planning and Substitution Model
Meta Rascov
Elizabeth Powell
Texas Rangers Concession Analysis
Matt McDermott
Improving Emergency Room Effectiveness via Process Simulation
Amy Haller
Chris Johnson
Christian Puryear
Adam Saucedo
Bradfield Network Advisor
Ed Horne
Dave Lebowitz
David Plunkett
Rodney Townsend
Scheduling in SMU Intramurals
Jonathan S. Greene
Transportation Network for Williams Technologies, Inc.
Erik Wikstrom
Jeff Cate
Analysis of Lighting and Cleaning Schedules
Jeff Brooks
Evan Kastner
Spring 1995 - Barr
Support For Investment Advisory Services
Shana Salmen
Lauren McLain
Joey Ranieri
A Model for Predicting Outcome and Assessing the Effectiveness of the First
Offender Programs in the Youth and Family Crimes Division of the Dallas
Police Department
Kyle E. Kidd
S. Tyler Nau
Eric B. Lakey
Tee Pee Convenience Stores Scheduling System
Eric Mentz
Greg Meurer
Spring 1994 - Dula
Project Management of the Moncrief Radiation Center Parking Garage
Jeff Thompson
Dirk Sylvester
Case Study: A Linked Linear Regression-Data Envelopment Analysis Model for
the Long-Term Prediction of Mutual Fund Performance
Cindy Chao
Greg Higgins
Michael McGee
IBM CA-Super Project: PERT/CPM Methods of Project Management
Dirk B. Sylvester
Spring 1993 - Barr
Racial Distribution in Public Schools
Shawn Rasmussen
Process Flow Analysis of Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy
Scheduling System
Amy S. Edmiston
Christopher C. Raps
Analysis of Production of Lead Enterprises, Inc. for Cycle-Time Reduction,
Optimization of Process, and Cost Evaluation of New Equipment
Thomas Taylor
Fundamentals: An Envelopment-Analysis Approach to Measuring the Managerial
Quality of Mutual Funds
Logan G. Flatt
Spring 1992 - Dula
An E.O.Q. Model for Streamlining Raw Material Inventory at The Texacone
Company Mesquite, TX
Wallace T. Wheeler
Design and Implementation of an Efficient Mail Distribution Route for the New
Federal Reserve Bank Building in Dallas
Choi Mercer
Toxic Release Risk Assessment Study
Todd Yoder
Brian Koldyke
Liza Elfmann
Model for the Routing of Hazardous Material Transports Through the Central
Business District of Dallas
Rene Anderson
Joseph Davila
Michael Rowland
Spring 1991 - Barr
Design Project
Dustin Summers
Restructuring of MAN B&W Diesel A/S, Holeby
Michael Petersen
SMU Football Traffic Simulation
Allen Pittts
John Edleman
Southwest Airlines: “MOD” Program Analysis
Flint Craig
A Model to Satisfy Increasing Demand at the Federal Reserve Branch in San
Antonio, TX
Debbie Kading
Spring 1990 - Dula
Design and Implementation of a Multiple-Vehicle Routing Scheme for Meals on
Mario Peon
Pablo Addison-Smith
Visiting Nurse Association of Texas: “Meals on Wheels: Computer Programs
Thomas S. Hutchinson
Nurse Scheduling: A Mathematical Programming Application at the Veterans
Administration Hospital, Dallas, TX
J. H. Shallenburger
Michael J. Christ
Courtney G. Hancock
Low Technology Does Not Have to Mean Low Quality: A Comperative Study of
Four Low Technology Routing Algorithms
Rhonda Hartman
Doug Sheffield
Design and Implementation of a Computer Simulation and Animation of
Anderson Consulting’s Factory at the Idea Center
Marla Macicek
Michael A. Hartmann
Spring 1989 - Dula
A statistical Analysis of Water Main Breaks for the Dallas Water Utilities
Jeff Muscarella
Jorge Cueto
Matthew McGrath
A Simulation Study of FM 1709
Catherine Dottle
Statistical Analysis of Water Main Breaks for the Dallas Water Utilities
Jeff Muscarella
Jorge Cueto
Mathew McGrath
United Parcel Service Car Wash
Rugger E. Burke
Feasibility Study of Recycling Program for Goodwill Industries of Dallas Industrial
Contracts Department
Henry Joseph Dickman, IV
Spring 1988 - Dula
Nighttime Shuttle Service for SMU
William C. Wallace
A Study into Computer-Assisted Jury Selection in North Texas
Mohamed H. Shaban
Automatic Floor Planning of MACRO Blocks in VLSI ASICs
Jim Peterman
A Cost Analysis for Determining the Optimal Method for an Inventory Expansion
Rex Cramer
Stephen Witherington
Optimization of Load Dispatcher Assignments in an Artificial Intelligence
Glenn Javens
The Optimization of Crew Configurations for the Loadmaster Roof Deck System
Jay Stieneker
Analysis of Apheresis Donor Program for the Blood Center at Wadley
Amy Moreland
Jeanne Segrest
A Routing and Efficiency Study of the SMU Inter-Campus Mail System
Mitchell Peirret
Facility Design and Efficiency Scheduling of a Job Shop Operation
Jim Koch
Capital Investment Plan for a Pineapple Processing Facility
Courtenay Boatman
Carlos Smith
Ownby Stadium Traffic Simulation
Karl Groesser
Don McClure
Tony Pache
The Chinese Postman Problem Applied to a Newspaper Delivery Route
Steve Feather
Spring 1987 - Barr
Modification and Enhancement of LOCSYS and LOCGEN
Roger Murry
A Dynamic Network Model for Evacuation of the Anatole Hotel Tower
Angela T. Smith
Statistical Quality Control Software: QSCAN Analysis
David S. Savage
Forecasting Student Enrollment for the Plano Independent School District
James A. Udinski
An Analysis of Wilshire Foam Products End of the Month Production
Danny Seidel
UPS Project
Becky Green
Reed Phillips
E-Z Route
Maria De Pasquale
A Layout Study for Wilshire Foam Products, Inc.
Gabriel de la Garza
TDP-CAD Software Manual
Sara Nelson
Land Use Optimization Model of Cityplace
John Zappettini
Karen Lynch
Analysis of Trucks Heuristics Compared to LP Model in GAMS
Mike Feather
Martin Ozinga
The City of Dallas Mobile Intensive Care Units
Jeff Brogan
Haisam Chehabi
Spring 1986 - Barr
The Probabilities of Meeting Different Weight Classifications
Frances Roberts
Multi-Criteria Network Optimization
Caroline T. Loomis
Maximizing the Prep Area Output: A Network Model
Todd Miller
Water and Sewer Rate Design: Kaufman, TX
John M. Weston
Signal Ranges for the Austin Cellular Telephone System
Greg Raines
Modeling of Oil Production Operations
William A. Carter
Network Optimization for the Assignment of SEAS Courses
Ronny Ortiz
Eva Sanchez
Computer Simulation of American Airline Ticket Counter at Dallas-Fort Worth
Alyson George
Cindy Stanish
Back-Grounding Operation
Ty K. Roberts
Using Pert at SMU on the IBM Mainframe
Jonna Schreiber
A Study in Student Bus Routing
Tim Smith
Optimization Models for use is a Delivery Truck Environment
Donnet Phillips
Robert Walters
GAMS/MPSX Interface
Lawrence E. McPhail
Sales Forecasting Project: Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Sharon Berta
Michele Kozey
Green’s Creek Dairy, LTD.: Optimal Feed-Mix Solutions Using Linear
Programming Formulations
Daniel Marzoula
Michael Ganz
Spring 1985 - Barr
Optimizing vs. Heuristic Methods for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problems
Christi Hale
Sharon Hatcher
Quality Control, Forecast and Simulation for Clark Medical Transcription
Michael W. Clark
Management Science Applications in a Packaging Company
Bob Jeffries
Water and Sewer Rate Design Using Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques: Plano,
Mark T. Kuhlman
OKA: Multi-goal Network Optimization
Buddy Rhoads
Mixed Integer Programming model at AT&T
Deborah E. Mangum
Spring 1982 - Barr
A Graphically Aided Heuristic for an M-Truck N-Destination Routing Problem
Don Eisenstein
A Traffic Study of the SMU Wide Area Telephone Service (WATS) System
E. Phillip Latka
Airline Assignment and Routing Problem: A Network Programming Model
Margarita D. Garcia
The Optimal Schedule for the Opening of Buildings in an Office Complex
Scot G. Andrus
Three Heuristics for Semiconductor Test Bar Layout
Jeffrey M. Bridges
Using IFPS as a System Dynamic Language
Kelley S. Bennett
Terminal Parking Expansion Problem
Richard Hansen
Oil Refinery Project – Linear Programming
Stanley D. Strifler
Integrating the Public School System in New Haven
Maria Fatima Cupas de Moreno
Spring 1981- Barr
Time-Phased Real Estate Development: An Integer Programming Model
Christopher Bolen
A Linear Program For Optimizing Bologna and Wiener Production
Alma C. Evans
New Jersey’s Waste Disposal Problem and the Hackensack Meadowlands
Berhord D. Chen
Spring 1980- Barr
Portfolio Planning for Personal Finances Using Linear Programming
Thomas R. Sprague