Creighton University Integrative Biological Imaging Facility

Creighton University Integrative Biological Imaging Facility
Dr. Richard Hallworth (Director), Dr. Heather Jensen-Smith (Research Imaging Specialist)
Department of Biomedical Sciences, Creighton University
2500 California Plaza, Omaha, NE 68178 (402-280-3057) (402-280-2248)
Facility Usage:
Initial training:
Repeat training (< 6 months from initial training):
Failure to attend scheduled training (48 h notice required):
Data Transfer and Storage:
Burn data to DVD/CD:
Blank DVD or CD:
Burn data to your own media:
Billing is based on the online reservation system. Users may be charged for facility usage
exceeding reserved session times. Full price will be charged for reservations dropped less than 24
hours prior to the initial reserved time.
Reserved sessions completed more than one hour before the end of the reserved time may entitle
the user to a partial rebate. Dr. Jensen-Smith should be notified if a rebate is requested.
Assisted facility usage may be requested in advance by contacting Dr. Jensen-Smith (see above)
and is subject to approval.
Users will receive monthly invoices. Creighton users are required to supply Fund and
Organization numbers for billing. Non-Creighton users will be billed monthly. Payment is due 30
days from invoice generation date.
All data should be saved to BIG DISK H. Although acquired data is backed up weekly, data
safety is not guaranteed. All data is subject to removal from the CU-IBIF system 6 months after
its initial generation date. Users are responsible for transferring data from CU-IBIF system before
the end of this 6 month period. Long term data storage is available upon request.
Please acknowledge the CU-IBIF in all publications. “This research was conducted at the
Integrative Biological Imaging Facility at Creighton University, Omaha, NE. This facility,
supported by the C.U. Medical School, was constructed with support from C06 Grant RR17417-01
from the NCRR, NIH.”
I have read and agree to the CU-IBIF terms of use agreement.
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Billing Address, email (all users) and Fund and Org number (CU Only)