Kerrydale`s Third Grade Reading Program


Third Grade Summer Reading Program

Kerrydale ES

The purpose of the PWCS Summer Reading Program is to encourage students to enjoy quality literature and to continue developing their independent reading skills. Student participation in the program is voluntary. Students who choose to participate in the program are required to complete a minimum number of readings over the summer.

Students participating in the program in Grade 3 will complete a list of books read (minimum of three). The documentation is to include the name of the author, the title of the book, and a parent or guardian statement that the student has completed the reading.

For Grade 3 students who participate in Prince William County Public Library's Summer Reading Program, the Public Library documentation will apply.

Students in Grade 3 will receive an extra A for each book completed, for a total of three.

Completion of the summer reading will be recorded for students by the end of the second week of school.

The following titles are suggestions for summer reading. Other books selected by the student with guidance from a parent/guardian and/or librarian may be used. Participation in the PWC Public Library Summer Reading Program and its documentation is also acceptable.

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PWCS Third Grade Summer Reading Program

Suggested Reading

The following titles are suggestions for summer reading. Other books selected by the student with guidance from a parent/guardian and/or librarian are also acceptable. Participation in the PWC Public Library Summer Reading Program and its documentation are also acceptable.

Author Title Annotation

Adler, David




Barrows, Annie

Blume, Judy



Cobb, Vicki

Gutman, Dan

Cam Jansen and the

First Day of School


Ivy and Bean: No News is Good News

Going Going Gone with the Pain and the

Great One


Harry Houdini

Weird School series




2005 various

The Cam Jansen series is perfect for young readers who are making the transition to chapter books. The first fifteen books in the series have received updated covers, and the series redesign continues with books 16-22, bringing new life to these perennial bestsellers.

Ivy and Bean try to make money by writing a newspaper about Pancake Court, but the neighbors are not pleased to read about themselves.

The Pain (little brother) and the Great One (older sister) return in a third set of adventures that take them on the road. There’s a trip to the beach that involves boogie boards and wolf masks, a visit to the county fair and a ride on the Gravitron, and a stop at the hospital when Jacob, the Pain, sticks a pussy willow up his nose.

A slightly larger format and new, colorful illustrations and diagrams accompany the original 1990 text in this new edition. The simple, easy-to-read narrative describes the causes and effects of earthquakes (including a tsunami) and safety measures to be taken during one. New additions include a page of earthquake facts, a list of the 10 most destructive (as determined by the number of fatalities), and a Web site.

Perfect for book reports or summer reading, the DK Biography series brings a new clarity and narrative voice to history’s most colorful figures.

This series of funny books takes place in Ella Mentry School, where A.J. (a boy who hates school) goes to school. Each book explains how the teachers are unique.

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Hodge, Deborah Simple Machines


Elizabeth Cody

Kittinger, Jo S.

Kline, Suzy

Lansky, Bruce

Mendez, Phil

Osborne, Mary


Parish, Peggy

Revised 6/2015

Balto and the Great


Rosa’s Bus

Horrible Harry Moves

Up to the Third Grade

My Dog Ate my

Homework! : a collection of funny poems

The Black Snowman



Magic Tree House #47

Abe Lincoln at Last!

Amelia Bedelia Goes








Using primary background colors and attractive, enthusiastic children as models, the format of this series is spacious and packs visual punch. Each book contains 13 experiments that are clearly explained in the full-color photographs and step-by-step directions. The texts are set in blocks that list the materials needed, the methodology, and an explanation of the principle shown.

Balto has a quiet life as a sled dog until tragedy strikes! Dozens of children in the town of Nome, Alaska become sick and need medicine from a town 650 miles away! The sled dogs head out through a terrible blizzard to get the medicine to save the people of Nome.

Will they make it in time?

The story of an ordinary bus...until a woman named Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat which became an important event in the Civil Rights movement. Follows the bus's history from the streets of Montgomery to the Henry Ford Museum.

Not much has changed since second grade: Harry is gross and horrible, and he's still

Sidney's sworn enemy. When Sidney is frightened by Harry's pet spider and kills it, war breaks out between the two boys, with their friend Doug caught in the middle. Doug, however, has other problems, most notably the proposed field trip to the Old New-Gate

Prison and Copper Mine. His fear of the mine threatens to prevent him from going on the excursion, but Harry is there to help. The themes of fears and friendship are nicely blended as this beginning chapter book moves quickly to its exciting conclusion. The inclusion of an eerie ghost story, some of Harry's pranks, and realistic teasing between the children make this an enjoyable read.

Here is the reissue of Bruce Lansky's Poetry Party, now with a completely new title and cover. This book has more smiles, chuckles, giggles, and guffaws than any other book of poetry previously written by a single author (except If Pigs Could Fly). It is a great collection of poetry on subjects kids find hilarious.

Working in full color with pastels and watercolor, Byard illustrates an unusual story which successfully blends contemporary realism and historical fantasy. Jacob Miller is an angry, bitter city child who associates his family's poverty with being black. He begins to see the world differently after a magic cloth makes his snowman come alive.

The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie to Washington D.C. in the 1860s where they meet Abraham Lincoln and collect a feather that will help break a magic spell.

Amelia Bedelia has never been camping in the great outdoors before. She's trying her best to do exactly as she's told, but pitching a tent is not the same as throwing it into the bushes, and catching a fish with your bare hands isn't easy. As usual, the mixed-up

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Park, Barbara Junie B. Jones is

Captain Field Day


Peters, Lisa


Earthshakes:Poems from the Ground


Scieszka, Jon

Sharmat, Majorie


The True Story of the

Three Little Pigs

Nate the Great and the

Monster Mess



St.George, Judith So You Want to be an

Stine, R.L.

Young, Ed


Goosebumps: Don’t

Go to Sleep

Cat and Rat: the

Legend of the Chinese




1998 housekeeper makes this camping trip one hugely entertaining adventure.

Go, team! Afternoon kindergarten is having a field day, and Junie B. Jones is team captain! Only, here's the problem. Room Eight keeps on winning too many events. And so how will Room Nine ever become the kindergarten champions? As Captain Field Day, will Junie B. find a way to lead her team to victory? Or will it be up to somone else to save the day?

Presents twenty-two poems about geology. End notes provide information about the earth’s surface and interior, types of rocks, and how volcanoes, glaciers, and erosion modify the landscape.

Have you ever heard that there are two sides to every story? Find out what the wolf thinks really happened on that day with the three little pigs!

When Nate’s mom can not find her recipe for his favorite monster cookies, the boy detective immediately sets out to find it. With the help of his dog, Sludge, Nate combs his home and neighborhood for clues. On his search, the supersleuth questions a cast of characters with whom readers of the series will be familiar, such as Annie, Oliver, and

Rosamond. Using his problem-solving skills, Nate is finally able to figure out where the elusive recipe for Strawberry Draculas, Chocolate Frankensteins, and Cinnamon

Werewolves was hiding.

So you want to be an explorer? What does it take, you ask? To find out, take a look at this book about of some of the best explorers the world has ever known!

It's a no-snooze situation! Matt hates his tiny bedroom. It's so small it's practically a closet! Still, Matt's mom refuses to let him sleep in the guest room. After all, they might have guests. Some day. Or year. Then Matt does it. Late one night, when everyone's in bed, he sneaks into the guest room and falls asleep. Poor Matt. He should have listened to his mom. Because when Matt wakes up, his whole life has changed. For the worse and every time he falls asleep, he wakes up in a new nightmare.

In this version of the story behind the Chinese zodiac, the Emperor challenges all of the creatures to a race through forest and river, saying he will name each of the 12 years in the cycle after the winners. Rat and Cat, the best of friends, ask the water buffalo to carry them across the river. In sight of the finish line, Rat pushes Cat into the water and jumps off the buffalo's back, coming in first. "And that is why, to this very day, Cat and Rat are enemies."

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Prince William County Public Schools

Summer Reading 2015

Documentation Grade 3

Students in Grade 3 will receive an extra A (100) for each book completed, for a total of three. Please include the name of the author, the title of the book, and a parent or guardian signature stating that the student has completed the reading.

Book Title Author




My student has read the above list of books.

Parent or Guardian signature

**Please note students may also participate in the Prince William County Public Library Summer Quest Program, and the Public Library documentation will apply.

Student’s Name Classroom Teacher

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