“Identifying Adjectives & Purpose”
Directions: In each of the following sentences, underline the adjective(s). Then tell what
question each answer by writing a number above it: 1-what kind? 2-how many? 3-which one?
Example: Ralph took his mangy, old dog for a long walk.
1. The dog, Joshua, reluctantly rose from the warm bricks in front of the blazing hearth.
2. He did not understand why anyone would want to venture out into the cold weather.
3. Ralph wore his bright red stocking cap pulled tightly over his big ears.
4. The cold air stung his red nose as he slogged through the blinding snow.
5. Those majestic pines were covered with a heavy layer of snow.
6. Joshua immediately had tiny icicles form in the fur of his four paws.
7. He stopped two times to try to remove the icy buildup.
8. When Ralph saw the pitiful look on Joshua’s face, he knew he had made a mistake.
9. That dog endured the bitter wind.
10. He turned back to the warm house they had just left.
11. Joshua raced ahead to get back to the safe haven of his peaceful, toasty hearth.
12. Ralph peeled off the several layers of thick wool clothes and sat by the roaring fire.
13. He decided that next time he took a long walk it would be a warm, spring day.
14. The faithful dog wagged his bushy tail.
15. He was a wonderful companion.
Grammar/ Chp.2/ Adj. /Practice #5