Volume 17 Issue 1
Welcome New Faculty
The Graduate Education
Department welcomes new
adjunct professor, Dr. Charles
Kokiko who is teaching EDU
513, Models of Teaching.
Student Teaching
September 2009
Grades 4-5 Endorsement
Franciscan University is pleased
to be able to offer the 4-5
Endorsement to the Ohio Pre-k3 teaching license as an online
program. The endorsement entails nine graduate hours of
coursework offered consecutively in Fall, Spring and May.
You may begin the program in
any semester. You will also be
required to pass the PRAXIS
test prior to adding the
endorsement to your license.
Any student may use these
courses as electives and/or
professional development. However, only those with an existing
Pre-k-3 license can obtain the
Principal’s Leadership
Graduate students seeking their
initial teaching license who plan
to fulfill their student teaching
requirement in the Spring of
2010 are advised to complete
and submit an application to the
Education Department secretary, Barb Dray in Room #238.
All applications are to be submitted no later than Friday,
October 16, 2009.
Current Principals be sure to
take advantage of the 2009-10
Leadership Academy. Dates
and topics are listed below and
graduate credit can be earned
for attended all sessions.
Legal issues and a Question
and Answer session
Legal Issues regarding
Teachers and students in the
use of Social Networks
Brain Based Learning
Differentiated Instruction
Change management
Working with Changing
Technology and 21st Century
We are proud to extend
congratulations to graduates of
our MS Education and Administration programs as of August
31, 2009. They are as follows:
MS Education:
Elementary Principals
Thursday, October 22
Thursday, November 12
Thursday, February 4
Tuesday, March 23
Catherine Cox
Secondary Principals
Thursday, October 29
Thursday, February 18
Thursday, November 19
Thursday, March 4
Jamie Jennings
Tom Daley
Erica Evans
Brianne Houk
Abbey Petrozzi
MS Educational Administration:
Jason Aspinall
Nicole Beadnell
Nicole Campana
Jennifer Curtis
Stephanie Duffy-Zimmer
Dr. Clint Born – Mondays &
Thursdays 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
primary form of communication
with students.
Dr. Michael Joyce – Mondays,
Tuesdays, & Wednesdays
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Grade Reporting
Dr. Kathy McVey – Mondays
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm, Tuesdays &
Thursdays 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Dana Vulgamore
If you have satisfied the requirements for graduation and your
name is not on the list, please
call the Graduate Education
Office at 740-284-5292.
E-mail Communications
Many students call to say they
have not received their grade
reports in the mail. Franciscan
University does not mail grade
reports to students. Grades can
be obtained online using FUS
web. You will need your student
ID number and password to
access your information. If it is
the first time for use, your
password is the last four digits
of your social security number.
Website Re-design
As you may have already
noticed, the Franciscan University website has been redesigned to reflect a more
modern style and user-friendly
operation. The FUS web and
Campus E-mail can now be
found at the bottom of the page
and can be accessed from any
page on the site.
The Student Services tab will be
the most useful to current students. Here, you will be able to
access the library, the bookstore and online registration, as
well as several other campus
Check it out at:
All students are reminded to
check with their advisor as they
enroll in coursework each semester. This is especially important
accepted into the program.
Advisor office hours for Fall 09
are as follows:
Dr. Charles Joyce – Mondays &
Tuesdays 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Please be advised that although
we try to use your personal email for communications from
the department, any official
University communications will
be sent to your university e-mail
For new students,
once you are registered for
classes, your e-mail address will
be assigned.
Normally the
address will be the 1st initial of
your first name followed by your
last name followed by a
certain circumstances where
you have a common name or
initials your number could be
002 or higher depending upon
how many people share your
name in common. As an
example John Doe may be The
system will let you know what
your address is once you go in
to activate the account.
can activate the address on our
website by clicking on campus
instructions for student account
activation. If your account will
not activate, you may call our
OIT Help desk at 740-283-7033.
GroupWise help for both Mac
and PC can be found on our
website at
Please be sure to check your email frequently as this is our
Dates have been announced for
the availability of PRAXIS testing on campus. They are as
November 14, 2009
March 13, 2010
April 24, 2010
June 12, 2010
Registration for PRAXIS can be
done online at:
Other test dates and locations
can be found on the website as
well. Information for computerbased testing can be obtained in
the Graduate Education Office.
Also, for any student obtaining
their initial administrator’s license, you must pass the
PRAXIS for Administrators in
order to obtain licensure in the
state of Ohio. The test code for
this test is 0410.