STAR principle - Devon County Council

The STAR Principle
STAR can really help with both application forms and interview questions. It will
help provide a framework for how you can meet each of the person specification
criteria in your supporting statement on the application form, and if used correctly
will answer most of the questions in full at interview.
Tell me about your most recent office post?
S - Situation
T - Task
A - Action
R - Result
Whilst working for Devon County Council my role required me to work in an
administration capacity. Here I was responsible for helping the Recruitment
Services department deal with work experience placements. To do this
effectively I would contact various DCC Managers to source suitable placements
for the students and would monitor and record the levels of requests and
accepted placements. I used a variety of software packages such as Microsoft
Excel and Word so that I could analyse the effectiveness of the placements.
Being a brand new post I had to set up completely new processes and
procedures to juggle enquiries, monitor results from placements, give feedback
on request forms, monitor the diversity on requests and produce weekly reports
to my manager.
The result so far has been 10% increase in number of successful placements,
and a greater number of managers from each service area accepting placements
in Devon County Council.
The longer you spend looking at the Job and Person Specification and the more
practice you can get in to answer in a STAR format the more confident and
prepared you will be for any question.