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Resource Book for Sixth Form Practical Chemistry
Titles and Curriculum links
Complex formation and solubility product
(6.2: solubility product, 10.2b: complex formation)
Acidity of copper(II) sulphate(VI) solution and
solubility product of copper(II) hydroxide
(6.2: concept of acid/base, solubility product)
Calcium carbonate in eggshell
(6.2: ionic equilibrium----acid-base titration and the
choice of indicator)
Main Tasks
study the solubility of AgBr in the presence of S2O32 ion
determine the stability constant, Kst, for [Ag(S2O3)2]3
prepare CuSO4(aq) with different concentrations from stock solution
measure pH of CuSO4(aq) of different conc. & calculate Ksp of Cu(OH)2
Synthesis of ferrate(VI) ions
(10.2 (a): variable oxidation states, 12.7: redox
reactions, 13.3: green chemistry)
EDTA titration: calcium in calcium supplements
(10.2 (b): complex formation)
Synthesis of an iron(III)-EDTA complex
(10.2 (b): complex formation)
Preparation and relative stability of copper(II)
(10.2 (b): complex formation)
Synthesis of an azo dye - the coupling reaction of
benzenediazonium ion with naphthalen-2-ol
(12: chemistry of organic compounds, 12.8: structure
determination of organic compound)
synthesize FeO42(aq) and examine its environmental applications
Isolation of the essential oils from common spices and
spectroscopic analysis of their major constituents
(12.1: natural sources of organic compounds,
12.8: structure determination of organic compound)
Alcohol breath analyzer
(12.7: chem of organic compounds----redox reactions)
Separation and identification of the major components
of common over-the-counter painkilling drugs
(13.2: drugs)
Green chemistry: an environmental-friendly
preparation of 1,6-hexanedioic acid
(13.3: green chemistry, 12.8: structure determination
of organic compound)
extract and determine the essential oil contents in common spices
study infra-red and mass spectra for identification of the major
constituents of essential oils
Department of Chemistry, CUHK
determine the percentage of CaCO3 in an eggshell
prepare sample solution of calcium supplement tablets
titrate with standard EDTA solution
synthesize an iron(III)-EDTA complex
compare the chemical properties of the complex with free iron(III) ion
synthesize tetraaminecopper(II) sulphate(VI) monohydrate
investigate the relative stability of some copper(II) complexes
carry out a typical organic synthesis
carry out melting point determination for product characterization
study mass spectrum of 1-(4-hydroxyphenylazo)-2-naphthol
prepare a disposable alcohol breathalyzer
test the efficiency of the alcohol breathalyzer
separate the components of a painkilling tablet
identify the components of a painkilling tablet by melting point
determination and TLC
prepare 1,6-hexanedioic acid (monomer of nylon-6,6) through a
“green” pathway
study infra-red and mass spectra for functional groups identification
and molecular mass determination
Science Education Section, EDB
1-period task
1-period task
sample data provided
3-period task
students design expt.
sample detailed lab.
report provided
2-period task
TAS preparative work
3-period task
3-period task
TAS preparative work
3-period task
TAS preparative work
students design expt.
3-period task
TAS preparative work
mass spectrum provided
sample short lab. report
two 2-period tasks
infra-red and mass
spectra provided
2-period task
TAS preparative work
3-period task
Student Handout
- Purposes
- Background
- Safety
- Materials and
- Experimental
- Questions for
further thought
- Photos
- Video clips (web)
Teacher Notes
- Curriculum link
- Pre-lab talk
- Time required
- Grouping
- Remarks
- Suggested
solutions to
questions for
further thought
- References
- Photos
- Video clips (web)
3-period task
TAS preparative work
 infra-red and mass
spectra provided
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