Addex Pharmaceuticals S

Medicinal Chemist PhD (m/f) / Scientist Position
As an industry leader in the discovery and development of allosteric modulators for
treatment of human diseases, Addex Therapeutics has developed a robust,
proprietary drug discovery platform focused on allosteric modulation. Addex is
seeking to expand the breadth of this platform through the appointment of a
Medicinal Chemist with a strong synthetic background to support our small molecule
drug discovery projects. The successful candidate will join the Medicinal Chemistry
department, designing and making compounds to support project needs. He will be
part of multidisciplinary discovery team across biochemistry, pharmacology, ADMET/PK department
Design, synthesize and characterize compounds at various steps of the drug
discovery process (e.g. hit validation, lead optimization and clinical candidate
selection). Chemistry will involve multi-step organic synthesis using traditional
and modern chemistry, small and medium scale synthesis and also
combinatorial methods to synthesize novel molecules
Lead a team of research associates and/or associate scientists including
objective setting, performance evaluation and development planning
Coach and mentor team members to perform at a higher level through a
positive, interactive style; you may drive research staff in the development of
new methodologies
Contribute to the development of innovative chemical technologies applied to
drug discovery. Maintain a safe working environment in agreement with
internal and external guidelines
Report and present scientific work
Ph.D. in the field of organic chemistry, with postdoctoral experience
Minimum 2 years of industrial experience in a pharmaceutical or Biotech
Company with direct involvement in drug discovery approaches
A deep knowledge of organic chemistry techniques with a proven track record
(e.g., publication in international journals); experience in heterocyclic
chemistry is an asset. Knowledge of modern purification techniques is
Excellent written /oral communication and presentation skills
Creative, organized, enthusiastic, team oriented personality
Proven ability to work independently with strong problem solving skills
Ability to work in an international multidisciplinary discovery team environment
Interested candidates should send their CV, references and a cover letter by e-mail
to [email protected] or regular mail to:
Addex Therapeutics
Human resources Department
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