Peer Training for Independence

Functional Communication
Instructors: Barb Mills/Carlotta Han
I. Textbook/materials used in class:
Universal permission slip for community
Photo permission form
Student communication systems and adaptive devices
Positioning equipment
II. Course expectations:
Students are assessed based on their IEP goals and objectives in adaptive, vocational and
communication goals
Each student will also get the opportunity to go out in the community to generalize
adaptive and vocational skills
Student interests and strengths are developed for vocational pathways
Each student’s program within the class is individualized and based on decisions made by
a team including classroom staff, specialists, family, home staff, and transition
III. Brief summary-description of the course
This is a class where individual student programs are developed based on goals,
strengths, and interests with our general goal of preparing each student life after they
finish school.
You will have an opportunity to work with these students both in the classroom and
community (depending on what period you sign up for). This means that you may get to
go to Starbucks, bowling, Safeway, Fred Meyer, Deseret, and more!
IV. Assessment plan/strategies
Individually designed and goal based.
The WA-AIM is the new alternative assessment our students will be taking in order to
receive a diploma at graduation.
V. Procedures and expectations related to homework
We are happy to share information on iPad applications we are using for learning, switch
devices, student daily activities and learning so that families and caregivers can continue
the practice at home. Practice in multiple locations increases chances of generalization of
a new skill.
VI. Criteria used to determine grades
This is a pass/fail class. Progress reports through the Individualized Education Plan
provide more detailed information on student progress.
VII. Class expectations
We encourage consistent attendance, students show best growth when they are able to
attend regularly. We are aware and sensitive to individual health needs of the students.
Behavior expectations:
In general, behavior expectations of students are consistent with the general education
population, coming to school ready to learn and actively participating in school activities.
Accommodations are provided where necessary.
VIII. Contact information
If you or your parents have any questions about this class please feel free to contact me.
My email is [email protected] My classroom phone number is 206-3934372 ext. 6805. Students are encouraged to email me if they are going to be absent.
We are looking forward to having you work with us.