Project Plan Template


Project Title: Whole School Composting

Outline goals (what does your school want to achieve?):

All classes and staff room will have a composting bucket system in place

Collection of composting at the end of each day by monitors

Compost bin placed next to vegetable gardens/ fed to chickens

Minimal/no rubbish going to landfill

Target groups (who will be involved?):




Who do you need to consult?

Approval needed from principal team



Communication (how will you get people involved?):

Whole staff PD during part of a staff meeting: outline project, get small working team together

Working bee to set up vegetable gardens/compost bin: advertise to parents in newsletter

Each senior class to nominate two student “green team” monitors for collection of compost (rotation system will be organised)

Assembly: go through new processes with students at start of term

What do we need/have:

Signage for each classroom (colour coded with what can be placed into the compost bin) – Students to create signs/library to laminate them

Small lidded bins for each classroom (x20) – Bunnings (class to write letter for donation)

Large compost bin/s - Ask local council about where to find one/or Bunning to donate

Cleaning procedure/products

PD – how to compost? – Council/ CERES/ VAEE etc

Proposed timeframe:

Organise equipment, project team and discuss with staff new arrangements (Term 4)

Implement composting system (Term 1, 2012)

How will you know when the project has been a success?

Composting will be collected each day and used in vegetable gardens