Linear system culminating

/14 marks
Name: _______________
Linear Systems Around
Much of what we cover in any math course helps to
describe the world around us. In this assignment you
will be hunting down information that will help prove that
math exists in our every day lives.
Your mission is to track down a system of linear
equations and solve for the point of intersection. We
have done this countless times in class, now let’s do
it for real!
1. (2 marks) Gather print information from the
newspaper, flyers, internet, etc. that can be
boiled down to two linear equations. (You
may use information about discount cards or
discount plans, memberships, etc…)
2. (2 marks) Translate your print information into
two linear equations. Rearrange into y = m x + b
3. (4 marks) Graph the system (two lines) using a
computer, calculator, or by hand.
4. (4 marks) Solve the system to find the unknown
variables and write a concluding statement
regarding what you found through your solution.
5. You are to hand in:
a. your print information
b. the complete and neat worked solution
c. a graph of the system
d. your conclusions
Task Checklist
 Did you
include all
items in
number 5?
 Did you label the
 Did you
reference your
choice of data?
 Did you
explain your