Principles of Math 10 : Linear Graphing Assignment


Principles of Math 10 : Linear Graphing Assignment Name______________


For this assignment you’ll demonstrate your understanding of graphing concepts, and hopefully apply your creativity and sense of fun as well. In this task, you’ll produce a pretty picture, using linear functions and vertical lines. Use at least 20 lines: 1 or more verticals, 1 or more horizontals, and the rest slanted. You’ll include the equation of each line, and it’s domain or range to limit its length. You probably don’t want to use more than 40 lines; if you do, you won’t have to list their equations. Keep your picture simple to preserve sanity.



If you decide to work with a partner, I’ll expect a more complex picture (>40 lines), with the workload shared evenly. Choose a partner who is responsible and attends class regularly.


This assessment will take the place of a review assignment; it will be weighted approximately as much as a quiz.


You show me the project anytime before the due date in order to get advice on improving it. I will advise you, but not mark your work early. 100% is attainable if you’re willing to work at it and listen to advice.


Use a ruler, a sharp pencil, and be very neat and accurate in your work


This work is to be done in the classroom; therefore the project stays in the room.


You’ll hand in two items: the grid paper with your lovely artwork on it, and a second sheet that shows the equation for each line along with a domain/range statement. (Note: for linear functions, you don’t need both; for other functions, you might!)


Each line on the picture will be labelled with a tiny 1, 2, 3, etc. to correspond to the equation list items.


Bonus marks are available for using absolute value or quadratic functions to make V- or curved shapes


Marking Rubric:

Condition Not done/inaccurate


Properly done/accurate = 1

Exceptionally done/extra=2

20 (40 for pairs) lines with matching equations

At least 1 vertical, 1 horizontal (2 for pairs) with matching equations

Domain/Range statements restricting the lines

At least 3 equations are in

Standard(General) form with slope and y-int listed – the rest

can be in SI form, no need to list m and b.

Artistry: picture is appropriate to the season, to math, etc.

Is clever or beautiful or otherwise interesting.

Embellishments: curved lines and their functions; colour; more lines than required, etc.

An Example:

Function List

1) y = -3x + 27

2) y = 4x –8

D: -5<x<-3

D: -4<x<-1.5

3) 3x – 2y – 5 = 0 D: x >= 10 m= 3/2, b= -5/2

/21 marks