Endangered Animals of the World Project

Animals of the World Project
You must select an animal and it must be pre-approved by your
teacher. Only one person will be allowed to research a given species.
The project has 3 components:
* Research: A typed bibliography with at least three resources ( 1
text, 1 internet minimum).(BIBME.COM)
*A presentation to the class on your findings is mandatory. You must have a visual aid
of some sort for your presentation. This could be a powerpoint presentation, a
brochure, a diorama or poster. The visual aid must include at least one picture of the
species you researched and a map of their present-day range. Make your visual aid
colorful and informative, as if it was going to be on display at the zoo to inform
visitors along with your written report. (the presentation should last 2. min-3 min)
* The following information must be included on the visual aid
The Classification of the animal starting with Kingdom and ending with the
species or subspecies.
The common name and scientific name of the species.
A physical description of the animal
Behavior characteristics of the animal (what types of behaviors are normally
A description of the natural habitat and where in the world the animal is
found. A map must be included!
Life history characteristics: diet, size of animal, housing requirements,
climate requirements, relationship with other species (Predator/prey), how old
are they before they reproduce, how many offspring and how often do they
reproduce, when is the animal active: seasonally? Day? Night? Living habits,
solitary? Group or pack animal? All basic biology and interesting facts.
Is this animal endangered?
If so, why? Overhunting? Habitat destruction?
When was it listed as endangered?
*For the presentation:
o Remember to have good posture, eye-contact and loud voice. Also, make
your visuals professional looking, always proofread your writing and have
the correct format for your bibliography.
Project RUBRIC
Animal __________________________
Visual aid
Visual Aid is professional and well done
20 points ___________
Visual aid is neat and colorful
20 points ___________
Visual aid is complete
10 points ___________
Written Description
Environment you would find animal in
10 points ___________
What animal needs to survive/behavior
10 points ___________
Predators and prey for animal
10 points ___________
Description of animal (color, weight, size, etc.)
10 points ___________
Presentation (REQUIRED!)
Project is presented to the class
10 points ___________
Total 100 points ___________