Instructions for LD on structure of plants.

Year 10: Learning diagram on the structure of plants.
This sheet must be attached to the completed LD
Use your text book and web links you have been given and any other pictures /
information you may find to create, in ONE period, a learning diagram on 1 side of an A3
sheet to show the following
 The basic structure of plants namely roots, stems, leaves and flowers. Annotate
the diagrams to include information about the structures and their functions.
 The internal structure of a leaf – label and state functions of the different parts.
 You may plan the learning diagram at home, but you will need to do it onto the
A3 sheet in class. You will have ONE period to complete it in class
 The LD will then serve as your note on this section of work so it is important that
you do it very well.
Mark Scheme
3 = Achieved all criteria listed
2 = Achieved most criteria, 1 -2 mistakes
1 = Achieved some criteria, 3 or more mistakes
0 = Not attempted
Clear diagrams to show basic structure of plants namely roots, stems,
leaves and flowers.
Diagrams are annotated to give accurate information about the
structures and functions of the parts of the plant
Clear labeled diagram to show internal structure of leaf
All functions of parts of leaf are accurately stated
The LD is neat, attractive, logically arranged and can be used as a
good study note.
All material was brought to school on time, time in period was well