Schroeder Ranch 15th Annual Bull Sale

Schroeder Ranch 15th Annual Bull Sale
April 2, 2013
Mitchell, SD
Sale Manager: Mettler Sale Management
Reported by:
Jerry Mettler
A beautiful sunny day helped to highlight an incredibly strong set of Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls
offered by Schroeder Ranch, Inc. The best crowd ever was treated to bulls that were fed and managed
for longevity and soundness.
Topping the sale was Lot 1, SGRI Jacked-Up Z704. This tremendous herdsire was the People’s Choice
Balancer Bull Futurity Runner-Up in Denver sired by the infamous SITZ Upward 307R. He is a 2/16/12
homozygous polled black Balancer with incredible performance (860# WW, 1627# YW) out of a
Jackhammer sired dam. His 16.2” REA was only topped by ‘off the charts’ WW and YW epds. LeDoux
Ranch, Andy and Danielle LeDoux, Agenda, KS had the final bid at $17,000.
Lot 3, another homozygous black Balancer bull, SGRI Alexandria Z707, was the next high seller at
$6,000. Dean Baker, Mt.Vernon, SD added this 2/19/12 SITZ Upward 307R son to his bull battery.
With Final Answer and Big ‘N Rich both represented in his dam’s pedigree, he has unlimited breed
changing potential.
Lot 15, SGRI Bryant Z804, is a 50/50 black Balancer bull that sold for $5750 to Kevin Larson, Hartford,
SD. Sired by LT In Reach 9024 (by Mytty In Focus) he has calving ease numbers with performance shape
and mass along with a 16.4” REA. The LT In Reach calves were highly sought after throughout the sale.
Another SITZ Upward 307R sired homozygous black Balancer bull, Lot 2, SGRI Alcester Z703 sold to
long time satisfied customer, Sid Meyer, Meyer Ranch, Rock Rapids, IA for $5500. A heifer bull that,
coupled with performance and calving ease epds, will add pounds and value to the future Meyer calf
A 3/29/12 red Balancer bull sold for $5500 to repeat customer Robert Ziebart, Plankinton, SD. Lot 49
SGRI Kimball Z786 was sired by HFX RD Ter-Ron Fully Loaded 5 and held bragging rights to the number
one adj. 365 wt for red Balancers at 1443 lbs. This youngster with a 15.89” REA may well have been one
of the very best red Balancer bulls to sell anywhere in the country.
Two bulls left the sale ring for $5000 each—Lot 6, SGRI Belle Fourche Z708, was one of three bulls
Colby Smith, Boone, IA purchased via DVAuction. This black Balancer LT In Reach 9024 son gained 4.64
lbs. per day to adjust at 1443 lb. YW. He could have easily led off the sale---such was his quality. The
other $5000 bull was Lot 36, SGRI Gregory Z805, going to Steven Miles, Montrose, SD. Here again was a
red Balancer calf sired by HXC Jackhammer 8800U with WW epds in the top 1% of the breed and yet
another bull measuring over a 15 inch REA. Jackhammer sired calves dominated the red Balancer
offering for the entire sale.
Black Balancer Bulls
avg $4700
Red Balancer Bulls
avg $3911
Black Purebred Bulls
avg $2667
Red Purebred Bulls
avg. $3208
46 Bulls Averaged $4000.00
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