Request for a Course to Fulfill the

Request for a Course to Fulfill the
Social Science Perspective
Note regarding General Education Requirements
In order to have a course designated to fulfill one or more General Education
requirement, instructors must submit a syllabus (or full course description) along with
a Request Form for each requirement, indicating how the course addresses the
guidelines passed by the faculty. No course may satisfy more than two General
Education requirements. Perspective course instructors are encouraged to incorporate
Convocations and other experiences when these are pertinent to the subject of study.
Social Science Perspective Description
The Social Science Perspective is intended to help students develop a scientific
understanding of human behavior at the individual, group, or community level.
Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of any course meeting the Social Science Perspective, a successful
student will understand:
1. how human behavior is subject to scientific inquiry, and the kinds of questions
social scientists ask in order to understand human behavior;
2. how social scientists pursue their questions through methods common to all the
social sciences as well as methods that are specific to one social science
discipline, such as data collection, analysis, prediction, experimentation,
interpretation, and organization into explanatory frameworks and models;
3. specific social science content in light of the method described above.
Request for a Course to Fulfill the
Social Science Perspective
Instructor: _________________________________________________________
Instructor Phone: _______________________
Course Title: ______________________________________________________________
Course Rubric and Number: ______________
Please respond to the three guidelines listed below:
Guidelines for Approving Courses for the Social Science Perspective
Social Science Perspective courses should address the student learning outcomes listed above and
1. distinguish between social science and other studies of society by focusing on scientific
method as an explicit link among all social sciences;
2. require students to work with quantitative or qualitative data within a theoretical
3. clearly address skills and habits of mind listed in the Aims for General Education.