Core Values

Core Values
At Paul D. Camp Community College, we are committed to…
 The Value of Each Individual – Each person is important. We appreciate the
diversity of our student body and college employees. We seek to understand
and respect one another.
 The Development of Talent – Faculty, staff and students bring knowledge,
skills and abilities to the institution. We encourage them to develop their full
potential in order to live responsible and productive lives.
 Teamwork and Community – We accomplish more by working together.
Collaboration is an organizational priority for faculty and staff and a learning
expectation for students.
 Access and Service – We serve students and each other by working to
remove obstacles that threaten success. We challenge students to do the
same in their communities.
 Standards of Excellence – We expect each student and college employee
to achieve the standards of quality identified for their academic plan or
administrative unit.
 Innovation and Risk-taking – We encourage each other to try new ways to
address challenges and fulfill the college’s mission.
 Accountability and Improvement – We expect individual students and
college employees to fulfill their responsibilities. Meaningful evaluation of
student outcomes and other measures of institutional and individual
effectiveness are used to improve performance, programs and services.
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