Rainier City Council

Rainier City Council
Regular Meeting
September 24, 2013
7 p.m.
Call to Order:
Meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Mayor Schleis.
Flag salute was led by Planning Commissioner, Mike
Roll Call:
Those present were Mayor Schleis; Councilmember’s
Shaw, Winslow, McVey, and Guizzetti. Staff; City
Administrator, Deputy Clerk, City Planner, City Engineer,
Planning Commissioners Scott Garrison and Mike Elliott.
Also present was Lieutenant Paul Counts and Public Works
Approval of
Approval of
Consent Agenda:
Motion was made and seconded to approve agenda with the
removal of Executive Session. McVey/Winslow, motion
carried 4/0.
Motion was made and seconded to approve consent agenda
to include approval of September 10, 2013 Regular
Meeting minutes and September 24, 2013 claim vouchers
2463 thru 2479, ACH 9912312013 for total of $20,712.04
and August 2013 Treasurers Report. McVey/Guizzetti,
motion carried 4/0.
Public Comment
There was no public comment.
Staff Reports
 Mayor- See report. Reminded Council regarding Gary Alexander breakfast.
 McVey- Nearing the end of the Sustainable Thurston County has been a long three
year process.
 Winslow-Attended the Planning Commissioner meeting.
 Guizzetti- Attended Law and Justice Council Meeting. She stated the new jail
facilities was still not operating.
 Shaw-Recommended to Council to have several candidates interviewed for the
open council position. To keep position open for longer amount of time, to
receive more letters of interest.
 Admin-Submitted written report. Asked Council to come with needs/ideas for
upcoming workshop at next meeting for budget season. Will publish when office
will be closed for upcoming Vision Conference October 9 & 10th. Councilmember
McVey had been in discussion with PSE regarding a free assessment of a solar
system at the Public Works Building. Will give the representive a call to start
process. After discussing the assement letter from Glen Maultsby regarding
“Welcome to Rainier” sign, council asked for bids to repair signs and to remove
them as soon as possible.
Public Works- Submitted written report. Councilmember McVey asked that in the
future we wait until after September 11th to remove the flags. Councilmember
Guizzetti asked PW regarding the berms by trail on Southside of town if they
could be cut back or knocked down were the scotch broom is. The planters will
stay out throughout the year, as they are very heavy; Councilmember Winslow
suggested asking businesses to adopt planters in front of their businesses.
City Planner- Discussed with Council regarding the Main Street 507 and Park
Plan grant. Money is available now and we will start seeing movement now with
these projects. Mr. Evander asked Council who would like to be involved in the
project to create a focus group, one suggestion one to have one person from the
Sportsman’s Club, Local School, Rainier Community Care and Thurston County.
He will contact these groups and ask if they would like to be involved in the
Police-Stated quiet month all in all.
Unfinished Business
City Planner and City Commissioners presented ideas to Council regarding what the
Commissioners had collected as ideas for our community. Examples: round a bouts, stop
light, turn lanes and chicane’s. City Planner handed out maps of examples of through
streets and sidewalk ideas to lessen the traffic, especially in peak times of day.
Councilmember Winslow was concerned about funding for streets that don’t have
sidewalks; City Planner’s opinion is not all sidewalks make a street safer. Will take the
feedback to Commissioners and will present when completed with Capital Facilities Plan.
New Business
Resolution 514-Self- funded Health Care program.
Motion was made to approve Resolution 514. Winslow/McVey, motion carried 4/0.
Motion was made and approved authorizing the Mayor to sign Association of
Washington Cities Employee Benefit Trust Health Care Program Interlocal Agreement.
McVey/Shaw, motion 4/0.
Councilmember McVey asked about the 2% reduction of rates for Well Cities. The City
Administrator will check the criteria for this.
Motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Motion carried, McVey/Guizzetti, 4/0.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.
Randy Schleis, Mayor
Amber DuCharme, Deputy Clerk
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