Bushfire Response Plan

Kangaroobie Bushfire Plan
On high risk fire days (days declared for the South West Fire
District with a fire threat rating of High, Very High, Severe or
Extreme: see below for Code Red Action Plan) a close watch
will be kept on any local fire risks. For this plan any fire within
50 kilometres of Kangaroobie will activate an immediate review
of the relevant threat and in the event of a fire that presents any
risk to Kangaroobie the following evacuation plan will be
Evacuation Plan:
Assemble the group and ensure all group members are present.
Contact emergency services (000) to notify the risk and to make
them aware of the fact that the group is to be evacuated from the
building to a safe area.
Contact Popes Buslines (55988031) and arrange buses to
evacuate the group to a safe area away from the fire zone –
possible safe areas are Port Campbell, Warrnambool, Colac or
possibly back home.
If an evacuation is not possible immediately, then while we wait
for evacuation the following will occur:
Kangaroobie staff will organise to walk the group to a safe area
by the river (5 minutes from the accommodation). For any
campers not capable of walking a vehicle will be used.
 The river in front of the accommodation is the designated safe
area as there is no vegetation nearby and plenty of water
available. Once the threat is considered safe the group may
return to Kangaroobie.
Code Red Day Action Plan:
In the event of a Code Red Day being declared for the
Kangaroobie area (South West Fire District), all groups will be
evacuated back to home on the day previous to the Code Red
It the camp has not started, the group will be informed that they
should stay at home until the Code Red day has passed and then
attend the camp with an altered timetable.