Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology
If you wonder why people are the way they are, you will enjoy sociology. For sociology
is the study of group behavior and attitude. The “group" you study can be:
°a small social network such as friends or family
°demographic categories such as race, gender, or income level
°affiliations such as politics or religion
°group memberships, whether formal or informal, legal or illegal
°towns, states, nations - or even the entire globe
Through sociology, you will develop a greater appreciation for the diversity of human
experience, and understand more about the social forces that shape the world around you
- and your own life.
Because sociology covers so many areas of human experience, a sociology degree is
extremely versatile. Graduates work in such diverse fields such as public and private
service agencies, criminal justice, marketing, research, business consulting . . . anything
that involves the understanding of group patterns. Students who pursue graduate-level
degrees advance even further in their professional fields, or become college professors.
Mission Statement
The Department of Sociology is dedicated to the academic understanding and analysis of
social, cultural, institutional and evolutionary aspects of human life. As our world has
become increasingly complex and challenging the sociology curriculum equips students
with a broader and deeper understanding of human diversity. Students are prepared for
employment in the professional and private sector and pursuit of higher degree programs.
The Sociology faculty is dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship, professional
and creative activities with the highest regard for academic expression and freedom.
Students are rigorously trained in theory and research methods.
There are six full time faculty members supporting 250 majors.
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