sociology research project

I. Research Paper (100 points)
1. Abstract (15 points)
Write a 120 word (or less) comprehensive summary of the contents of the
paper, including the project recommendations.
2. Introduction/Statement of the Problem (15 points)
A. Introduce the problem that the project will inform.
B. Address why the problem is sociologically relevant.
C. Introduce what methods you employ to generate data to inform the problem.
3. Literature Review/Background Information about the Problem (Extra
A. Though it is an important part of the research process, you do not have to
include this section in the report, as you do not have access to scholarly journals
related to sociology.
4. Research Methodology (40 points)
A. Discuss what you did to research this topic (design, methods of data
generation, analysis, and write-up)
B. Give enough detail so that another researcher could replicate your study
based on what you have shared. Include any surveys or other materials you
created for the purposes of this project.
C. You should have a thorough discussion of your data generation methods,
including how your sample was selected, justifications of why you used a
particular sample, dataset, etc., and the kinds of methods you employed to
generate the information for this project.
D. Explain your method of analysis in detail (don't forget equations if
appropriate for a quantitative analysis). Discuss why the method you are using
is appropriate, and if necessary why a different approach was not taken.
5. Findings that Inform the Problem (15 points)
A. What are your "findings?"
If appropriate, include subsections with subtitles, which present
prominent themes in data.
Organize your data so that it offers explanations of the problem.
B. Demonstrate your data – use tables, graphs, quotes, textual data or other
appropriate techniques.
C. This section should simply present and describe the results but hold off on
analytic discussion until the next chapter. The key is to highlight the salient
points or themes that you will discuss further in the following chapter. This
section should not simply be a data dump, as the act of grouping and
highlighting core patterns is the first step in analytical presentation of your
6. Implications/Recommendations for Practice (15 points)
A. Offer your analysis of what the data teaches us about the problem.
B. Based on your demonstration of data, statement of core findings, and
analysis, make recommendations or propose practice changes based on these
C. Summarize your experience with developing and completing the project.
7. References (Extra Credit)
A. This section should contain the full reference to any work cited in the body of
your paper using the ASA (American Sociological Association) style. Works that
were not cited in your paper should be eliminated
Sample Abstract
This evaluation explores the components of a course designed to train sociology
graduate students to teach at the community college level at California State
University, Fullerton. Fourteen sociology graduate students, who completed the
course, participated in both an online survey and in-depth interview that measured
the quality, clarity and effectiveness of course objectives. The evaluation uncovered
structural shortcomings hindering graduate student efficacy, such as clarity of
course responsibilities and expectations. This study also examined strengths of the
course, such as mentor communication and course content. The results and
subsequent recommendations will assist the sociology department in structuring
the course so that it will serve future students more efficiently.
II. Research PowerPoint/Google Presentation (30 points)
While the purpose of the research paper is to provide the teacher with a detailed
analysis of your research, the purpose of the PowerPoint presentation is to
communicate your summarized findings to the rest of the class.
Each PowerPoint presentation should include:
1. A title page that includes the title of your research project and your name. (5
2. A statement of the problem you researched and an explanation of how the
topic is sociologically relevant. (5 points)
3. An explanation of the methods used to collect data. (5 points)
4. Your findings (provide graphs, tables, or pictures when appropriate (5
5. An analysis of what your research tells us about the problem. (5 points)
6. Recommendations based on your findings. (5 points)
In order to receive credit for this portion of the project, you must orally present
your findings to the rest of the class.
Total Research Project Points (130 points)
THIS PROJECT IS DUE _______________________________________