Regular Project Questions

World History: 1st Quarter Project
Research Questions
My group members are: _______________________________________________________
The civilization my group is researching is __________________________
1. Where was it located?
2. What major geographic features were in your civilization? (rivers, deserts, mountains, etc.)
1. Describe the type of government it had.
2. Identify one or two significant rulers. When were they in power? What did they do that was
1. How was society organized? Who was at the top, middle, and bottom?
2. Were there any special or unique customs that a traveler should know about in order to fit in?
1. What was the predominant (major) religion? Was there more than one?
2. How did religion impact this culture? Did it affect clothing? Holidays? Customs?
1. What goods and items was this civilization famous for making?
2. Were they known for trade? If so, who do they trade with? What did they trade?
World History: 1st Quarter Project
Research Questions
Art and Culture:
1. Were they known for any special forms of art, literature, or music?
2. Are there any famous buildings, cities or landmarks? What are they and why are they
3. OPTIONAL BONUS QUESTION: What did people do for fun? Are there any games or
ceremonies they are known for?
1. What types of technology were present in this civilization? (special tools, weapons,
inventions, farming techniques, etc.)
Daily Life:
1. What types of foods were eaten?
2. What kinds of clothes were worn?
3. OPTIONAL BONUS QUESTION: What was life like for kids in this culture?