2 - The American University in Cairo

Six persons are trapped in a cave, which is rapidly filling with water. The rescue
operation is cumbersome and it may NOT be possible to rescue all six.
Read the profiles of each of the six persons and then produce a PRIORITY list of who
will be rescued first.
You have 5 minutes to complete this exercise.
German single mother of three children, divorced after a
very bad marriage (husband was violent), in her thirties and
is now doing a university degree and also voluntary work.
She is having an affair with Karim and is currently visiting
War (liberation of Sinai) veteran (late 40s), decorated
several times and nationally recognised as a hero who is
unable to hold a steady job. Very athletic and an expert in
caves. Having an affair with Helen.
MICHALIS Greek entrepreneur visiting Egypt, where he was born. In
his 40s with wife and children. Has steady professional
career and is returning to Egypt with his family to rediscover old friends; among who is Youssef who was the
porter at the house where he lived.
Young (20s) male school teacher in Bulaq, helps pupils
from disadvantaged families, is married with a child and
does voluntary work.
YOUSSEF Nubian male in his 50s, married with children and
grandchildren, started life very poor (porter – bawab) but
then started a construction company, which is now worth
millions and employs over 500 persons.
ZUBAIDA Very rich 18 year-old Kuwaiti female studying at the
American University in Cairo (Economics) and wants to
become an international banker. She is very beautiful and
wears designer clothes and jewellery.
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