School Council Minutes

School Council Minutes
Date of meeting: Thursday 12th November 2015
Present: Martin, Lewis, Cora, Alina, Tori, Odhran, Michael, Niamh, Ethan, Adam, Tim and
Mr McDaid
Apologies: Stephen
The meeting began at 10.45
. All councillors present except for Stephen who was off. Tim came instead of
Stephen on behalf of R8.
.Only Cora, Lewis and Michael have suggestions boxes in their classes. The other
councillors are to get one in place this week.
.Councillors had some suggestions regarding making the school tidier. Ethan said
people could stop dropping their rubbish. Alina suggested we design posters to
encourage people to use the bins. Niamh suggested that each classroom tidy up
their own mess. Adam said people need to stop bursting milk cartons. Odhran
suggested that councillors use litter picks to clean up the playground. It was
decided that we would do two things
Design posters
Litter pick
Martin and Lewis volunteered to design a rota for litter picking. Each class is to
take responsibility for one month. Alina, Niamh, Odhran, Ethan and Adam
volunteered to design anti littering posters.
Meeting finished at 11:00
*Councillors to install suggestions/ideas box in their classrooms.
*Lewis and Martin to draw up a rota for litter picking.
*Odhran, Adam, Alina, Ethan and Niamh to design anti littering posters.