I. V. Pokrovskaya, E. A. Sharkov

Tropical Cyclones and Tropical Disturbances of the World Ocean : Chronology and Evolution.

Version 2-1 ( 1983-2000)

Poligraph Publishing House, Moscow , 2001, 548 p.

ISBN 5-86388-010-7

This unique pioneering publication project represents the most comprehensive and unconventional geoinformation system of the chronological, geophysical and meteorological observational (by in-situ and by satellites ) data for the global tropical cyclogenesis in the World Ocean for 1983-2000. The principal feature of the book consists in the detailed evolutionary description of all of the structural elements for the global tropical cyclogenesis and of regional cyclogenesises by unified approach proposed and developed by the authors. The book is divided into two main parts. In the Part I the authors give description of up-to-date methods of data acquisition, systematization, classification , gathering and storage for tropical disturbances. Design principals, structure and performance characteristics of given chronological catalogues and evolutionary database are reported. Part II ( in general developed into the tables ) consists in chronological catalogues and evolutionary database of tropical cyclones (for 1983-2000) and tropical disturbances (for 1997-

2000) for all active basins of the World Ocean. All catalogues are presented in the strict temporal sequence. The presented comprehensive chronological catalogues and evolutionary database presented in the geoinformation system are a radically different kind from on-line Website archives distributed world-wide with US massmedia and with WWW servers in the performance of extended analytical preprocessing and in the presentation of the necessary information in the form adapted specially for the analytic research work. The present edition is represented in the bilingual form.